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Could It Be? A Film About Harley Quinn?

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Prepare yourself, it’s not the big screen production we have all been waiting for however, this fan film series Red Queen is a fantastically good production.

Sheridyn Fisher does a wonderful Harley, and so far, I am extremely impressed.  Although I’m not sure about the dubbing of the voices, I have really enjoyed this first instalment I am hoping this will be a little smoother in later episodes as production quality is really high!

This from the lady play HQ herself:

In high school 2003 I had an idea to make an ultimate fan film about my favorite villain Harley Quinn, I used to sit in art class next to my friend Kerryn and talk about my idea of how I wanted my version of Harley Quinn to be portrayed. We are both HUGE batman fans.

In 2010 I asked my friend Kerryn to help me write a short fan film this version of Harley Quinn and see if one day we could bring her to life.


In 2012 we wrote our first fan film script treatment about we wanted this version of Harley to be made based on what we could probably achieve on by ourselves with a small budget just because we are the biggest nerds and movie buffs who live and breathe anything movies (you should see my house! Ha).

In 2013 I told my idea to Dan from the Mechanical Minds team whilst working on another project with the crew. In 2014 the MM team offered to help bring my fan film to life and test out some new cameras.

Dan, Salim, Kerryn and I all worked together to finalize the idea to bring my ultimate nerd fan dream of my favorite character to life. On Monday, we had one day to do what we could to make the fan short happen.

We worked with the awesome cast, Beau Baker, Kasia and Kyle Rowling to make this story happen. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! So thrilled to do this along side some truly talented actors.

In less than a month I can show you what 10 years of dreams and a small group of fans came up with in 17 hours of filming.


We tried to make the best fan film short we possibly could and I thank everyone who donated there time to bring this super nerds dream to life how I wanted her to be in………

I can’t wait for you guys to see this little fan short and hope you love it as much as we all do.

Harley Quinn, we love you!

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