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First Ant-Man Trailer Released

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We’ve waited a long time for it (about 10 years if you count Edgar Wright’s initial involvement with the project) but we finally have the first proper trailer for what is seen to be Marvel’s riskiest movie to date, Ant-Man.

The trailer doesn’t appear to show too many plot points (something that recent movie trailers have been guilty of, Amazing Spider Man 2 I’m looking at you….) but shows enough to give us an idea of the size of the movie.  And although the delivery of the line “I want you to be the Ant-Man.” does sound a little cheesy, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of that from time to time!

Marvel also appear to have no problem in making fun of themselves as well with Scott asking Hank if it’s too late to change the name.  Yes, Ant-Man does sound a bit corny but I’m sure Batman sounded strange to folk at first too!  And if this movie goes the same way as their last risky project, Guardians of the Galaxy, I don’t think anyone will really be questioning the name much after it!

A few hours before the trailer was released we also had the first official poster (not including the Comic-Con exclusive) revealed as well.  And it’s obvious that someone in the Marvel marketing department is having a lot of fun in their job!


So what do you think of the trailer and marketing of the movie in general?  Let us know in the comments below!


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