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First Image of Wonder Woman In ‘Dawn Of Justice’ Is Released

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At today’s Wonder Bros panel at SDCC, the first official image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in ‘Dawn of Justice’ was shown to the public.  See it for yourself below:

Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman looking very bad-ass there!  And being in colour as well it’s also a pleasant change from the dark, gloomy pictures we have seen already of Batman and Superman.  Whereas they looked sad and mournful, Wonder Woman looks like she’s ready to kick some bad guy’s arse!

As well as the image being released there was also a brief teaser trailer shown too.  From descriptions that have appeared online what we know about it is:

  • The trailer is set during a stormy, rainy night
  • Batman is wearing a full armour suit reminiscent of the suit worn in Frank Millar’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ – Glowing eyes and very mechanical
  • Batman pulls on a lever of some kind that we quickly discover is the lever for the Bat Signal (complete with new Batman logo as seen on the promotional poster for the movie)
  • The camera pans up to show the Signal in the sky but right in the middle of it is Superman!
  • Superman is staring right at Batman, his eyes glowing red
  • The camera cuts back to Batman who is returning the stare with his own glowing blue eyes of the Bat Suit
  • Cuts to the logo of the movie

Although it’s short and sweet, the trailer sounds like it’s going to be one to watch!  Rest assured that when it’s available online, we’ll post it here on Need to Consume!

‘Dawn of Justice’ is scheduled for release worldwide on May 6th, 2016

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