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Guardians Of The Galaxy Extended Look Trailer Released

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If you were unable to see the 17 minute sneak peek of Guardians of the Galaxy then fear not!  It may not be 17 minutes long, but an extended look trailer has been released showing us some more of the action that we’ll be seeing in just a few weeks time.  It also gives us our first view of Michael Rooker as one of the founding members (in the comic books at least) of the Guardians, Yondu.

We also see more of the banter between Rocket and Star Lord with an extended (well it is an extended look trailer after all!) version of the “I’ve got a plan!” scene that has been shown in previous trailers.

No ‘Ooga Chaka’ this time as “Hooked on a Feeling” is replaced by The Runaway’s 1976 song, “Cherry Bomb”.  But just like “Hooked on a Feeling”, it also fits right in with the feel of the movie.

With less than a month to go, Marvel are really starting their push to get the movie in front of as many eyes as possible and create a buzz for what is their riskiest movie to date in the MCU.  If what we’ve seen in this Extended Look (and the numerous TV spots) is anything to go by, this risk is one that’s going to pay off.  Reports are already appearing online from those who saw the 17 minute preview and it seems to be getting a resounding thumbs-up!

It won’t be long now till we’re able to see the movie for ourselves as Guardians of the Galaxy is released July 31st in the UK and August 1st in the US.

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