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Marvel Studios To Host “Special Event” – What Have They Got Up Their Sleeves?

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Over the last few days, numerous journalists in America have received invites to attend a special “Marvel Studios Event” that is being held today at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles.

What could it be for?  Well there are numerous theories flying around the interwebs including….

  • Benedict Cumberbatch is apparently in talks to be Doctor Strange.  Are they announcing he’s signed up for the role?
  • Will they be unveiling the official title card for Doctor Strange?
  • We have a number of release dates for the next few years, are we going to discover what movies will be talking those dates?
  • Have they found a way or agreed a deal with Sony to bring Spiderman in to the MCU??

Or it could be something completely different from all of that.  But whatever it is, I think it’ll be something big.  I feel it in my adamantium bones…..

Obviously Need to Consume will report on whatever that news turns out to be but Marvel themselves also have a liveblog that’ll be covering the news from the event as well.  The event starts at 11am PDT which is 6pm GMT.

Have a theory of your own on what the news will be?  Let us know in the comments!


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