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Marvel Takes On World’s Finest

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is breaking records and already considered another success for the unstoppable juggernaut that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So it comes as no surprise that Captain America 3 (working title) is scheduled for release on the same day as Warner Bros. sequel to Man Of Steel, currently known as Superman vs Batman. Both films are scheduled for 6th May, 2016. Whether this applies to the UK or not, is yet to be established but the US box office is where this battle will be decided.

This clash of the titans had been rumoured for a little while but Marvel have affirmed their faith in the All-American hero, in what is likely to be the final solo film for Chris Evans as the shield-wielding hero, DC must be re-considering their release date. Looking at the numbers for Captain America’s second outing at the cinema, they must be concerned, even if Batman and Wonder Woman are on board. Marvel really have gone about establishing their universe correctly whilst Warner Bros./DC have fumbled and stumbled, never really showing faith in their characters outside of Superman and Batman. A prime example of Marvel’s faith in lesser know characters is underlined in The Winter Soldier with the inclusive of The Falcon. Outside comic book-reading circles, I doubt many have a clue who he is. Yet, here we are. Marvel gave Sam Wilson a modern day make-over and Anthony Mackie ended up stealing a lot of the scenes.

This showdown, should it go ahead, has to be considered a potential Justice League killer. There is a chance that many people will see both, but only one can hold the top spot and Marvel have all the momentum.

The real winner in all of this of course, is the public. We get to see Captain America, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman (just give her a solo film already) and many more on the same day!

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