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Marvel’s Ant-Man Ant Sized Trailer Is All Grown Up!

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After Marvel cheekily released the ant sized version of the teaser for the first Ant-Man trailer (which will be released during the premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter), they’ve now released a human sized version:

Some of what we thought we saw in the ant sized version have been confirmed:

  • Scott Lang is seen being taken somewhere by two members of the law
  • A quick panning shot of the Pym Industries building
  • Hope van Dyne in some sort of computer server room (based within the Pym Industries building?)
  • Hank Pym entering what appears to be his workshop
  • The first look at Corey Stoll who plays Darren Cross/Yellowjacket
  • The fight that we could just make out in the ant sized version appears to be within a prison and might also explain Scott’s cut above the eye we see at the beginning of the trailer
  • A very quick shot of Hope and someone else (Scott??) sparring
  • Our final shot is almost certainly of Ant-Man running down the hall way of a house towards a locked door.  Is he about to charge through or shrink down to slide underneath the gap in the door?

Hopefully in the full trailer we’ll get to see some more of Ant-Man in action!

Marvel’s Ant-Man will be released in the UK and US on July 17, 2015

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