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New To The Force – Supreme Leader Snoke

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Slightly late than usual but still the same crappy audio and plain blank wall! Yes, Kia and Duke are back for another thrilling instalment of their very own Star Wars themed show: New To The Force.

Supreme Leader Snoke

This week they talk about the Vanity Fair reveal of Andy Serkis looking rather menacing during a mo-cap session for his turn as Supreme Leader Snoke. I think it is fair to say that nobody looking to do good in the world is given the title of Supreme Leader. Serkis is arguably the go to person in movies now for anything regarding motion capture. We only have to look at his roles in the Tolkien and Planet of Apes films.

Supreme Leader Snoke

We aren’t given much else to go on at this point but we did already know that Serkis/Snoke was the person talking about the awakening of the force is the first teaser that we saw back in November.

Star Wars Comic Book Adaptation

Kia also updates Duke on her homework. In case you aren’t aware, Duke wanted to see what Kia thought of the comic book adaptations of Star Wars that he has had since he was a teenager. It is a rare series but you can find it here


Star Wars Deleted Scenes

To finish off, Duke talks briefly about the deleted scenes from Return Of The Jedi that he had never seen before. This includes Vader reaching out to Luke, who happens to be building his lightsaber on Tatooine. The stand out one is showing that elements of the Empire had humanity and compassion – almost.

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