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Sir Christopher Lee Dead At 93

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Acting royalty and ex-nazi hunter, Sir Christopher Lee has died aged, 93.

The first time I saw Sir Christopher Lee, I was 12 years old and watching BBC2 on a wet dreary Sunday afternoon. It was a now-quaint horror film called The Curse Of Frankenstein. Whilst it may have been his portaryal of the most famous vampire of all time that made him his name, this was his first Hammer Horror outing. To my 12 year old mind, this was an amazing film, with a truly scary monster.


As I aged, watched more films, did a film degree, watched more films, got a job in films and watched more films, the memorable face of Sir Lee popped up again and again, playing vampires and pirates and all manner of bad guys. No matter the quality of the film, he was usually the best thing in it. Gamely committing to what ever the part required of him, he worked solidly for over 65 years.

I had my own experience with Sir Christopher, on the set on Hugo. A long production dealing with technical glitches around the then-brand-new 3D technology, he was warm, friendly and respectful, even to the lowliest of crew members like me. Film sets will be sadder for this loss and the film audience certainly poorer.

He is survived by his wife of 54 years and daughter.

Sir Christopher Lee, born May 27 1922, died June 7 2015

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