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10 Nintendo Themed Products You Never Knew You Needed

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Get a jump start on your Christmas list with these Nintendo must-haves!

Nintendo. Bringer of Mario, Pokemon, Zelda and so on. You have the consoles…you have the games. You even have the strategy guides and by now all the cute Amiibo figures too. But what about the finer little details you have missed out on. Have you ever looked at your fridge and felt something missing? Are your trainers just too plain? Got a need for some conversation-piece homeware. Well look no further. This is the countdown of the top Nintendo themed products you never even knew you needed, in no particular order. Comment to let me know which are your favourites. Please note that not all items are necessarily official Nintendo items.

You can pop to the selling page (yes, these are real!) for these items by clicking the pictures (where available).

1. The Controller Tie

Now this really is one to whet the appetite of you style conscious folk out there. Imagine waltzing into a board meeting or walking down the aisle sporting this beauty. You need your own theme tune to work this look. Quite possibly you may also need a white suit with the sleeves rolled up, a mullet and a mobile phone that has a battery inside a suitcase.

controller tie

2. The Handyboy

If you have been keeping up with the retrospective series recently, you will know that the Gameboy kept being released without a lit screen. So many light attachments were released, as were an endless range of add-ons and gadgets. The Handyboy was different. It was the Transformer of accessories. Why buy just a light? The Handyboy was a light, magnifier, speakers, joystick and button enlarger all in one. It wasn’t an official Nintendo addon but who cares!? Your Gameboy now looks like a robot alien! The Borg of handheld accessories will assimilate you now.

There isn’t a link for these in any regular store, but you can still pick them up occasionally in second hand stores or online auction sites.












3. The Link Shield Backpack

Ever had that moment, when you think no one is looking, that you pretend to be a gaming hero? Well don’t hide any longer with this amazing backpack as seen in The Legend of Zelda series. It has compartments for your loot and padded shoulders for the extra long quests. It would actually double up beautifully if you wanted to get into a bit of cosplay but needed somewhere to keep your keys and coins. Now go rescue that princess!














4. The Mario-Kart Shoes

In all seriousness for a moment, as someone who is a crafter and knows the effort it takes…a round of applause for this artist. I can’t even get my eyeliner on in the morning and this chap is painting incredible themed shoes. Imagine walking down to the town in these bad boys. Maybe with the controller tie and the Link backpack too? These are a statement piece and a sure fire conversation starter!


jessie-kavana-mario-kart-custom-nike-dunk-shoes-2 jessie-kavana-mario-kart-custom-nike-dunk-shoes-4

5. The Beady Mario Level

I’ve met this chap a couple of times and he is fantastic. He uses the little melty beady things (lots of brand names available but I don’t know which are used here so I will stay vague) and creates all manner of artwork. This particular setup was to celebrate Mario’s recent 30th Birthday. I can just see this as various wall displays telling the story of Mario’s struggle with which castle the Princess is actually in. Like the Bayeux Tapestry with fewer arrows.

mario abeadscstart










6. The NES Electric Guitar

Ive seen some good ideas for recycling a deceased NES casing, but this is so awesome that I’m considering selling stuff. Sold out due to popular demand, this is an electric guitar built around an original NES console. The guitar parts are recycled too, so you get that full feeling of doing good. Close the curtains, crank it up to 11 and rock out! Incidentally there is also a picture of a guitar circulating online with a playable Gameboy forming part of the instrument.

nes guitar











7. The Luigi Mirror

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Your future, your flaws, your perfections? Well now you can see Luigi! Try out that green cap and curled mustache for yourself and see if the plumber look is for you. Saves on painful facial hair growing time and potentially disastrous career changes in advance. Also good for checking for food between your teeth like a normal, boring mirror.

luigi mirror-480-500















8. The Tetris Lamp

Love Tetris? Everyone does! So why settle for boring, run of the mill desktop lamps with a naff shade on top. No my retro gaming, style conscious friends…now you can have the Tetris Lamp. It comes with 7 Tetris pieces in all the colours of the rainbow and (try to control yourself) you can arrange them in to ANY interlocking Tetris setup you want! Each Tetris piece lights up as it is joined which serves as making you feel the true master of your tabletop domain. It doesn’t come with theme music but it doesn’t come with that darn pesky brick-up effect if you get it all wrong either.


















9. The Nintendo Monopoly Game (That’s Not Digital)

But RetroPrincess, I hear you cry, you love retro gaming not board gaming! Well even princesses have power cuts and what is better than a gaming themed board game? This is actually really cute and will make my Christmas list this year. The money has Mario’s head and the chance cards are ‘Blocks’. You get the idea. For anyone who is a Brit like me, the properties are the American versions turned in to Nintendo themed ones. I’m not certain how much of a difference that makes (if any) but worth a mention!


10. The Power Glove

I feel I should have a deep surly voice to boom POWER GLOVE in the style of Brian Blessed. This glove was like the Nintendo Wii controller of its time (1989) – so obviously not available in store now hence no link. You never knew you needed this because you pretty much never did. It really, really sucked as a piece of tech, but you felt like He-Man crossed with a Transformer crossed with a Thundercat. It was a pretty universal catastrophe in its day but that makes it a nice little earner today.


I’d love to know if you have any of these products yourself and what you think of them. Maybe you have seen some even crazier Nintendo stuff out there?

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