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Batman Arkham Knight PlayStation 4 Review

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Batman Arkham Knight is the swan song of the series

Batman Arkham Knight is the swan song of the series, with it being the third and final Arkham game to be created by Rocksteady (many don’t consider the comparative failure Arkham Origins to be cannon). This time Batman and the merry band of maniacs that oppose him take to the streets of Gotham, after threat of Scarecrow’s fear toxin has citizens evacuating the city.

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No pressure Bats

For the most part, not much has changed from when The Dark Knight was rattling around the grounds of Asylum or grappling between rooftops in City. The game feels almost exactly like its predecessors and as a fan of the series it definitely feels like going home again when you take you first leap off a tower to glide stealthily through the skies.

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The story is good enough; the mystery surrounding Batman’s new nemesis, Arkham Knight, is interesting but somewhat overshadows the main war that is raging between Bats and Scarecrow. Much more focus is put on the evil-Batman-wannabe, and when the only information the player is given about him is that he ‘really doesn’t like Batman’ it can get a bit tedious, until the shocking reveal. Whilst some players felt short changed about the true identity of the villain I felt it was a great twist and that Batman will always be haunted by certain people in some way. There are so many fantastic characters to include that some barely get a cameo. Two-Face gets very little face time (no pun intended) with his series of side missions, which were few in number and rather quick to complete.

The one character, other than Arkham Knight, that plays a big part in the game is Riddler. He’s up to his old tricks again and forces Batman to complete a series of trials to free Catwoman. Riddler’s Batmobile challenges were very well crafted and thought out; they make use of the various gadgets to achieve a mixture of both skill and logic required to prosper. It does feel that sometimes you are forced to use the Batmobile, when all you want to do is glide around the rooftops.

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The best part of the game was the odd occassion where Batman was joined by Catwoman, Nightwing or Robin; during combat the option to perform a dual takedown will appear and a poor henchman will feel the wrath of both Batman and which ever one of his trusty sidekicks happens to be fighting alongside him. There are a few new features, other than the Batmobile, that add new and interesting ways to defeat enemies. The voice simulator, which can mimic instructions given to henchman to get them to move to more convenient places, the deep tissue skin is pretty smooth, and makes investigating murders much more interesting.

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The final game definitely feels like more of an extension of the previous games; it doesn’t differ enough to be a masterpiece in its own right, but the series in total are some of the most fun I’ve had gaming and they definitely brought the appeal of superheroes to the gaming world. Given that for the most part the only superhero based games are cheap movie tie-ins or in LEGO form, rocksteady have really broken the mould with the Batman series and I really hope that it inspires more games of its kind. There are so many characters from DC and Marvel alike that deserve a truly decent game, and with the easter eggs point to the Batman vs Superman included in the Arkham Knight I’d hedge my bets that a Superman game may be on the yellow sun’s horizon.

What did you think of the game consumers? Did it go out with a batarang? Let us know in the comments!

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