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Battlefield: Hardline – The BETA

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In a world of cops versus robbers, whose side will you be on?

Set in a vastly different world to Battlefield 4, EA are giving us Battlefield: Hardline; a city based, gritty take on right, wrong and everything in between. No military helos, no camo uniforms, this is street warfare and you’re at the centre of it. Showcased at E3 with the launch of the BETA we were introduced to a new spin on the Battlefield franchise.

Whether you’re busting open a bank vault or busting a criminal gang, you’ll have a blast with zip-lines and parachutes, or tasers and stun guns (although one sounds infinitely better than the other though, am I right?!).

The BETA is a small look into the big bad world of a crime riddled Los Angeles, with two fairly simple game modes; Heist and Blood Money.

Heist is simple. The criminals need to break into armoured trucks, steal the cash and run. Getting to an extraction point with the goods and successfully defending it gets you the win. On the flip side, the police must do everything in their power to stop the criminals escaping with the loot. Simple. Or not, depending on how much gets blown up!

Blood Money wages two teams of criminals against each other. An open crate full of cash is waiting to be looted in the centre of the map and the aim is simple; steal the cash, return it to the teams armoured truck and defend it, because the opposing team can, and mostly will, storm your cache and steal it! Rude right?!

I admit, being dumped into the MP world for the first time had me spinning. It was fast, furious and deadly! With a split second to gauge which way the team was heading and where the target and enemy were, it was a mad dash in any direction.

Multi-player Map

The city scape is stunning. Every detail has been accounted for and as you’d expect after Battlefield 4, it’s as crisp as a tube of Pringles.

A feature I did enjoy and used a lot – for no other reason than it was a lot of fun – was the parachute! Just jump and hit the chute…and soar over the city. I think I probably spent more time randomly running up staircases than actually killing any of the enemy, but who cares?! It’s a BETA game, it’s entire purpose is for the servers to be tested and the fans to rampage through a new world. So I did. Via a parachute.

As with all other Battlefield games, there are plenty of vehicles to take control of. In the BETA we got a taste of ARV’s, Police issue motorcycles and helicopters. So there is no shortage of vehicular mayhem to cause!

image from

The controls are standard for a FPS and will feel pretty natural to anyone who has played a game in the genre before. What do they say? Don’t fix what isn’t broken…so they didn’t.

As fast paced, manic and busy as the BETA was, I had no issues at all with servers or finding a game. There were no crashes, no lag and no clipping, which is very good news for the studio! Well done guys, already doing better than Battlefield 4 MP, huh? 😉

It did feel like a pretty small BETA, and honestly, it was somewhat less impressive than the Titanfall BETA. But it was a very fun, fast-paced introduction to the new world of Battlefield: Hardline.

I, for one, will confess that I am sad to see the military foundation of the franchise fade into the history books, for the time being at least. But I do think it has the potential to be a pretty decent FPS. For me that all depends on the solo-campaign, and to judge that I will have to wait for the full game.

What I hope it does keep from Battlefield 4, are the engaging, tenacious characters, and a story arc that can stand against the mayhem of a shooter. Battlefield 4’s narrative was a more dominant feature than in other FP shooters and that for me was one of it’s finest features. Here’s to hoping that this title continues that trend.

But hey, maybe I’m being picky. Who doesn’t like blowing up a city?

Battlefield: Hardline is released on October 21st 2014 and will be available across all consoles and PC. 

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