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Broforce Alien Infestation Review

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Calling all fans of 1980’s and 90’s action movies, this one is for you!

Broforce, developed by Free Lives Games and published by Devolver Digital, has enjoyed explosive success through 2014 and has an alien infestation update that is not to be missed!

For those of you not familiar with the bone crunching, blood splattering and mass destructive force that is Broforce, here is a brief overview of what you are missing.

Brodell Walker of Broforce

Even gaviscon could not cope with this acid reflux..

Take your favourite action heroes of yonder year, throw them into a sideways run and gun scroller, give the bro’s insane destructive weapons and allow all of the environment to be blown to smithereens equates to some awesome high octane devastation that’s fun either on your own or with upto 4 of your bro’s playing locally or online.

The gameplay is simple; get from one side of the map to the other, raising american flags, freeing your captive bro’s and destroying whatever is in your way and however you like.

As mentioned earlier, the unlockable bro’s are based on your heroes from past films and there are currently around 35 bro’s (at time of writing).  Recognise Double Bro Seven? Indianna Brones? Brobocop? B.A Broracus? No? Well you need some to do some serious movie watching! These are just a few of the awesome bro’s that you get to take control of as you rip apart your enemy, raise the american flag and…… (dons best arnie accent) “Get to the chopper!!”

Alien Infestation Update:

Alas, the world as you know it has changed.  Xenomorphs now lurk around dark corners waiting for unsuspecting bro’s, face huggers scuttle across dank ceilings looking for a new host to lay their young and deadly spike traps are ready to protrude through your pixelated body causing instant death.

Aliens attack!

“Oh dear Lord Jesus, this ain’t happening, man… This can’t be happening, man! This isn’t happening!”

A new 4 player campaign pits the bro’s (yes complete with Ellen Ripbro) in a battle to save the world from hordes of aliens and Dune like sand worms that rise from the land to create hell in an attempt to eradicate mankind.  Adrenalin rushes from the moment each mission begins and you hear the general bellow “GO GO GO!!!!”, how long you survive for is up to you….just watch out for those face huggers!

Dune type worm rising from the ground

Arnie socks it to the overgrown earthworm

This wonderfully animated gore-fest is insanely addictive and the multitude of characters and weapon abilities keeps the game alive as you mine, tunnel, destroy and blow your way to freedom.  Which Bro is going to unlock for you next? Quick save that trapped person!……..wait….what’s that moving in the darkness? ARGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

So what are you waiting for? Broforce Alien Infestation is available from Steam and is out now! GO GO GO!!!!!

Still not convinced? Check out the official trailer below.

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