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Published on September 2nd, 2015 | by Mica Rose


Until Dawn – PlayStation 4 Review

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Until Dawn – Horror just got a lot more interactive

First things first: before you play this game you need to close your curtains, turn your light off and grab a duvet. Until Dawn deserves the right atmosphere, and you won’t get the full effect if you play in broad daylight or with a bunch of friends drunkenly talking over key dialogue.

Unlike a lot of choice based games, your decisions in Until Dawn really do count. The responses and actions you give for each character will impact their personality and relationships with those around them. More importantly though they will affect the ‘butterfly effect’, these are absolute results detailed in the menu and will show you where future has been impacted by one of your decisions. This is a great way for you to review your play style and whether you want to continue down the path you’re paving. It also provides foreshadowing for what could be crucial information for later in the game.


Just when you think you’ve sussed out who is causing the turmoil on top of the remote, snowy mountain the game throws you a curveball that changes the tone of the story. The many twists and turns culminate in a terrifying ending where you will need to both think quickly and keep your cool to finish the game with the (presumably) desired result.

The pacing of the story is fantastically orchestrated. The jump scares (and there a lot of them) are well timed and sporadic, which keeps the momentum and allows the player to recover from each mini heart attack.

The bonus content, such as meet the cast and making of features, unlock steadily as you progress through the game rather than all at once, presumably to prevent spoilers. These are great to watch and show amazing insight into how the game was made, they’re also handily placed if you need to take breaks from the game to calm down (I totally did this because I’m a wimp).


The game is a perfect showcase of an interactive movie, and really opens up the medium for more titles of its type. It’s scarier than any horror movie could be because the player feels really immersed in the story, something that can only be achieved by controlling the characters rather than just watching.

The performances paired with the amazing graphical rendering of the actors really made Until Dawn one of the most gripping games I’ve played. Sam is the exact replica of the fantastic Hayden Panettiere, who is no stranger to voicing video game characters, and the rest of the cast are instantly recognisable too.

until dawn comparison

Hayden Panettiere and her in-game counterpart Sam

The gameplay is rather simple; you will mainly be using R2 to interact with the surroundings or the right analog stick to make your decisions. However the creators included a fantastic use of the DualShock 4 which fits perfectly with the genre of Until Dawn: sometimes you will need to keep the controller completely still. It’s actually harder than you might think, especially if you’re not ready for it, and it definitely brings the tension from the game literally into the player’s hands.

If you’re a horror fan then Until Dawn is definitely a game worth checking out as it brings a whole new experience to the genre. It’s out now exclusively on PlayStation 4

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