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E3 2015: Microsoft LIVEBLOG!

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Welcome to day two of Need To Consume’s liveblogs for E3 2015 and the first proper day of the actual expo! It’s going to be a busy day with four separate companies doing their key notes this evening. Starting the day off is going to be Microsoft, purveyors of the Xbox One and the practically defunct Kinect. Who knows, with the Kinect all but abandoned and most of the multimedia features of the console already established at this point, Microsoft might just talk about a few games instead! Some console exclusives seems likely to be a dead cert, Halo 5: Guardians and their timed exclusive on the next Tomb Raider game Rise of the Tomb Raider chief among them. Beyond that, who can say? A new Xbox One model? Some lipservice to PC gaming? Your guess is as good as mine, consumer, but feel free to share them with us in the comments below!



You can watch the stream along with us as it happens, just read the updates here as they come in, or come back later once it’s all over to read at your own preferred pace of leisure. And feel free to let us know what you think either in the comments below or on Twitter to our account @NeedToConsume which will be livetweeting along as well!

5:32 BST – Curtains up, conference begins!

  • So many lights. Talky lady.
  • Opening with Halo

5:33 BST- Bonnie Ross on stage, 343 Studios, Halo 5: Guardians

  • Built ‘from the ground up’ for Xbox One.
  • Master Chief: Hero or traitor? Gee, I wonder.
  • Microsoft has hit their use of the word ‘epic’ quota for the conference already.
  • CG trailer.
  • Nathan Fillion and Keith David!
  • Four person coop gameplay.
  • Can I always play as Nathan Fillion? This is important.
  • Weird looking sprint animation. Kinda lifeless?
  • ‘Promethean’s, ‘Guardian’s. Bungie might have stopped making Halo games but their love for Nouns lives on.
  • Maybe not co-op? Lot of squad command, though it’s not clear how much is just for effect as a demo.
  • Year of enemies grabbing first person protagonists and killing them/the camera? Apparently.
  • 27th October 2015 release.
  • Seamless co-op promised. Two squads, one led by Master Chief, one by that Locke guy.
  • Multiplayer ties into single player?
  • ‘Warzone mode’ unveiled in a quick cut trailer. What’s it about? I dunno. Bit unclear.

17:43 BST- World Premiere of Recore

  • CG trailer of an Xbox One Exclusive
  • Keiji Inafune game.
  • Space, robits, Ellen Page-looking girl.
  • Good blue robit dog, against bad red spider robits.
  • Blue robot is actually blue sphere, can inhabit other robots.


17:47 BST – Xbox One Backwards Compatibility with 360 games announced.

  • Sony is looking pretty stupid right now with their streaming rental nonsense.
  • Mass Effect 1 on Xbox One.
  • Can use Xbox One features, and play multiplayer with people playing on Xbox 360.
  • List of backwards compatible games incoming.
  • Coming ‘this holiday’ and they’re not charging. Welp. Your move, Sony.

17:50 BST – Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

  • Barely a reaction from the crowd. Or anyone else, I’d wager.
  • Overproduced trailer.*     *please note that the controller is not a futuristic robot like we’re making it seem
  • Oh well, guess they’ve earned some slack with that backwards compatibility.

 17:51 BST – Fallout 4

  • Introducing Todd Howard! Again!
  • A lot of the same stuff from last night. Except his character is called Phil Spencer. Hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  • Laser musket that you crank between each shot like a Fisher Price toy. I’m on board.
  • Okay, some new stuff. Playing through a quest, going on a rampage in power armour.
  • Yep. Still looks good. Bethesda janky animation aside. But who doesn’t expect some of that?
  • Mods created on PC playable on Xbox One!

17:58 BST – Peter Moore of EA

  • Damn it, Peter! It’s not your turn yet! What are you doing here?
  • EA Access. Madden name drop.
  • Hey Titanfall. Does anyone remember that game?
  • Games added to EA Access vault on Xbox One. Titanfall and Dragon Age Inquisition. Cool? I think?
  • EA Access free this month for all Xbox Gold members.

18:02 BST – Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

  • Due for release early next year.
  • CG trailer time.
  • Kenny Loggins!


18:04 BST – Forza 6


  • Cars, cars, cars. Car from ceiling.
  • Henry Ford! No, not that one.
  • Xbox One exclusive.
  • September 15th? This year? Next? Uhhh guys?

18:08 BST – Dark Souls 3

  • Not much information sadly. CG trailer. Looks Dark Souls-y. I suppose that’s enough.



18:10 BST – The Division

  • Trailer, looks to be in-engine at least.
  • ‘When society falls, we rise’
  • Protect New York as a specially trained agent.
  • Xbox One exclusive beta in December.

18:13 BST – Rainbow Six Siege

  • Trailer, all chatty with teamwork.
  • Nothing really new to add.

18:15 BST- Gigantic

  • Exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 10
  • August 2015 beta
  • Summoning monsters to help in your adventure? To be honest, I’m having trouble keeping up! Microsoft are certainly delivering on the games.

18:16 BST – Indie Games Showcase

  • More than 1000 developers making games for Xbox One. Apparently. Yikes.
  • Steve Gaynor of Gone Home fame.
  • Tacoma. Trailer. Gone Home in space? Maybe that’s reductive. It seems a little more dynamic at least.  Coming 2016.
  • Ashen by Aurora44. Xbox ‘console exclusive’ so I’d expect it to come out for PC too.
  • Coop survival game? Minimalist art style but quite pretty.
  • Beyond Eyes. Play as a blind girl, adventure/exploration. Interesting idea. Also quite pretty.
  • Cuphead. 1930s cartoon style that plays like a 16 bit platformer. Looks like an actual cartoon, very cool.


18:26 BST – Xbox Game Preview

  • Steam early access pretty much?
  • Every game gets a free trial to let you decide whether you’re into it or not. That’s a good idea!
  • The Long Dark and Elite Dangerous released later today to try out.

18:27 BST – Ion

  • Dean Hall of Day Z fame
  • ‘I want a game that isn’t a game’. Well, that makes one of us.
  • Space exploration game, coming to PC and Xbox One. Will be available on Game Preview.
  • Fancy CG trailer. Not quite sure what the game is about still!

18:29 BST – Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • November 2015 release. Still calling it an Xbox exclusive. It’s going to be a busy November!
  • Gameplay demo, huzzah!
  • Mentions of a ‘lost city’.
  • Lip sync looks a bit wonky. Might just be the stream?
  • If you wanted the new Tomb Raider series to be even more like Uncharted, I’ve got good news for you!
  • This looks good, I’m just not convinced the guy standing there with a controller is playing it.

18:35 BST – Rare Replay

  • 30 of the Rare ‘classics’ for 30 dollars.
  • 10,000 achievement points!? WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SO? I can’t believe that’s a selling point.

18:39 BST – Sea of Thieves

  • XBox One exclusive.
  • A ‘shared adventure’.
  • Jaunty music. Sounds a bit piratey.
  • Skeleton impaled on a cutlass. Yep. Piratey.
  • Monkey Island MMO???? I wish.
  • Ship combat.

 18:41 BST – Fable Legends

  • Queen Cersei telling us about magic and adventures and stuff. I don’t trust her!
  • Free to play on Xbox One and Windows 10
  • Lena Headey is getting a bit typecast these days.
  • Crossplay.
  • Fable without Peter Molyneux hyping it up. Who knows, maybe it’ll actually be good?

18:44 BST – VR Gaming

  • Working with both Valve and Oculus.
  • Oh and that Hololens thing.
  • This guy kind of looks like the Dude.
  • Minecraft for Microsoft Hololens. Minecraft for everything, I suppose.


  • It sure looks impressive, but I can’t help but be sceptical. This is the very definition of taking Microsoft’s word for it.

18:50 BST – Gears of War Ultimate Edition

  • HDed up 1080p version of the old games.
  • Public beta for the multiplayer opens today.

18:52 BST – Gears 4

  • ZOOM IN ON CHARACTER FACE. I’ve played most of the other games, still don’t recognise him. What a weird thing to do.
  • Laura Bailey IS female protagonist.
  • Active reload still in. Of course. As are guns with chainsaws on.
  • ‘JD’. Least tough guy name ever. Thanks Scrubs.
  • Holiday 2016

 19:01 BST – End of Show

For someone who doesn’t even own an Xbox One, I have to admit Microsoft put on an impressive show. Not everything clicked – though I was hardly expecting it to – but there were a lot of exclusives to Microsoft’s name and some surprising new features as well. Sony’s nose has been bloodied considerably and they’ve got a very tough act to follow. But before we get to that, EA and Ubisoft get to take their turn.

Next up is EA’s press conference, starting at 9:00pm BST. See you over in the EA Liveblog!

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