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E3 2015: Ubisoft LIVEBLOG!

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We’re only halfway through day two of E3 2015, so let the Great NTC Liveblogging continue! Ubisoft gets to go third today, and we can easily guess at some of the games that are likely to make an appearance. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is going to be a definite show with only a matter of months until its release. Are they going to be able to win back some goodwill after Unity‘s particularly awkward launch and not-so-rave reviews? Rainbow Six Siege is also in a similar situation so we’ll definitely be seeing some of that as well. The Division has been a frequent flyer with the E3 Ubisoft conferences for the past few years, and it’d be crazy to stop now! What else? I couldn’t say for sure, though that obviously can’t be all. Got any ideas? Let us know! Or just find out with us together!


You can watch the stream along with us as it happens, just read the updates here as they come in, or come back later once it’s all over to read at your own preferred pace of leisure. And feel free to let us know what you think either in the comments below or on Twitter to our account @NeedToConsume which will be livetweeting along as well!

11:00pm BST – Conference has begun.

  • Nice and punctual. Appreciated Ubisoft!

11:01pm BST – South Park – The Fractured But Whole

  • Ubisoft coming out swinging!
  • Fantasy is over. Superheroes! Coon and Friends.
  • Matt and Trey on stage. Being Matt and Trey.
  • Going back on swearing to never make another game again. Fine by me!
  • Ubisoft San Francisco this time. No Obsidian? 🙁
  • I could totally go for more South Park RPG. Thanks fellas!

11:07pm BST – Yves Guillemot Takes the Stage (CEO of Ubisoft)

11:09pm BST – For Honor


  • Lots of medieval hacky slashy in this CG trailer.
  • Historical, but not Assassin’s Creed?
  • Cutting to different locations/time periods. Not quite sure what that’s implying.
  • Knight/Viking/Samurai
  • This guy is pretty excited.
  • Experience the excitement and danger of visceral melee combat.
  • Multiplayer melee game? War of Roses sort of thing, maybe.
  • It looks quite nice but can’t help but notice some janky seams in the animation.

 11:16pm BST – The Crew Wild Run

  • Complete graphical overhaul promised.
  • Is this DLC? A new standalone game? Hm.

11:18pm BST – Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max

  • Unicorns that breathe fire, cat guy with a golden gun. Rainbows!
  • Sure looks like Trials to me!

11:19pm BST – The Division


  • Online open world action RPG.
  • Co-operative experience at its heart.
  • ‘The Dark Cell’. Where absolutely anything can happen at any time. Where you can trust no one.
  • Also known as Times Square apparently.
  • This camera looks a little too cinematic. Of the not real gameplay variety.
  • Fake ‘team chatter’ is never really all that convincing, is it?
  • Wilhelm scream!
  • Kill stuff for loot.
  • Loot loot loot.
  • Stop saying loot.
  • The people we’re supposed to root for are player-killing assholes! What a twist!
  • There’s a reason MMOs stopped making you drop items when you die. Ugh.
  • Public betas coming early next year.
  • March 8th 2016 release date on all consoles simultaneously!


11:28pm BST – Anno 2205

  • This music is pretty Interstellar-y!
  • Zoom out and by jove they’re on the moon!
  • Clarification from Aisha: You don’t start out on the moon. Gotta work for your lunar city.
  • Beta later this year.
  • Everything is getting betas now, huh? Free testing and hype!
  • In true Ubisoft fashion, difficult to tell what’s gameplay and what’s CG in that second trailer.

11:33pm BST – Just Dance 2016

  • Can use a phone instead of motion sensor hardware.
  • A surprise feature!
  • A guy coming out on stage and singing. Does this come with all copies of the game, or just those that preorder?
  • Jason Derulo. I’ll pretend to know who that is.
  • Available this October on all consoles. And he does mean all apparently. Including Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. Current gen will get Just Dance Unlimited ™. Streams new songs. Subscription based.

11:39pm BST – Rainbow Six Siege

  • That’s one uncanny CG lady.
  • Team Rainbow to the rescue! Fabulous.
  • Angela Bassett was uncanny CG lady! Called Six. Seems like an M-type character.
  • Everything destructible.
  • Lots of talk about character and story. Seems a little strange to me. Siege seems to be very gameplay focused from footage I’ve seen.
  • Hup, there you go. There is a single player and COOP against AI enemies.
  • ‘Terrohunt’ mode.
  • Live demo, anything can happen!
  • More teamwork chatter. Less artificial, but boy does it feel just as forced.
  • This is definitely a lot more elaborate than that small house that they’ve been showing off before.
  • That robot isn’t very subtle. But those terrorists aren’t very observant either, apparently!
  • The good guys falling over and needing to be helped up immediately is strangely amusing. Like they’ve fallen onto their back and can’t get up/roll over. Ninja Turtles DLC? Ubisoft? Bueller?
  • Does look nice and chaotic!
  • That was a timely cut to black right as they were about to fail.
  • Beta starts on September 24th 2015. Available on both platforms, can play both multiplayer and Terrohunt.

11:53pm BST – Trackmania Turbo


  • Dropping a Formula One car down the side of a skyscraper in this trailer. I don’t watch much Formula One, but I’m not sure that’s how it’s supposed to work.
  • Moving from PC to come to consoles as well.
  • Press a button, randomly generate a map to play.
  • Immediate restart.
  • Mention of a VR demo version too.

11:58pm BST – Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

  • CG trailer. Very fancy but it’s not exactly selling much about the actual game.
  • 1868 London. Industrial revolution.
  • Gameplay demo!
  • … At the E3 booth.

12:06pm BST – Ghost Recon Wildlands

  • Pre-alpha gameplay
  • Skeletons. Undead?
  • Oh, just drugs. They’re being allegorical. I see.
  • Multiple approaches to one situation. Stealth, guns blazing, some sort of intimidation approach maybe?
  • Open world
  • Zoom out, all the missions, all the people, all the world! It must be an Ubisoft game.

12:12pm BST – End of Show

And so ends the Ubisoft press conference for E3 2015. This one left me surprisingly cold, even more than EA’s. A lot of EA was indifference to games that don’t interest, but a lot of Ubisoft’s problems for me were games that I’m interested in giving some pretty disappointing showings. A new South Park game was a lovely surprise though details are scant, and it’s a new studio behind the sequel. And who knows when it’ll come out? The Stick of Truth went through countless delays, though much of that happened underneath THQ’s umbrella. Fingers crossed for lightning striking twice there.

The Division looked nice as ever, though they’ve done little to assuage doubts about how much of what we’re seeing is genuine. It’s a common grievance against Ubisoft over the last year or two and they’re almost certainly aware of it. So why are they just staying the course and doing business as usual? They could do with winning back some hearts and minds, but they sure seem to be resting on their laurels instead.

And Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s little chunk of the show was a real disappointment. It was the equivalent of sticking a movie on for the kids so you don’t have to bother, and that’s a real shame. After Unity, AC is on a precipice and leaving the gameplay for the show floor is a real missed opportunity.

But maybe a day full of press conferences is just making me overly cynical. How do you feel about Ubisoft’s showing, consumer? Be sure to let us know, good or bad! Day 2 of the E3 press conferences is drawing to a close, but there’s one more to go. Is Sony going to bounce back from Microsoft’s proverbial whipping and end the day with a bang, or will they just faff about with Morpheus for an hour and a half and go out with a whimper? We’re soon to find out!

Next up is Sony’s press conference, starting at 2:00am BST. See you over in the Sony Liveblog!

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