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Published on March 23rd, 2015 | by Mica Rose


The Escapists – PC Review

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The Escapists is an indie prison break game from developers Mouldy Toof  Studios and published by Team17. The game relies on impecable time management in order for you to make your escape from six prisons of varying security

The challenge comes when you have to balance your daily prison life with your escape plan. Sometimes things don’t go as planned – impromptu cell searches and being fired from your prison job can be a set back if you have been collecting tools to aid your escape. Anything contraband will be confiscated and you’ll find yourself in solitary confinement.
If you’re stuck, you can use the payphone to buy hints about the best strategies to get passed the prison walls, these will cost you though!


In theory, the strategy aspect of the game is rather simple – collect materials, craft tools and plan your escape. The less you stick to the routine set by the prison guards, the more heat you’ll get and they’ll be watching you very closely whilst you search the prison and find materials to make tools and weapons. In practice it’s much more difficult to pull off, it’ll feel like you’re juggling too many tasks to keep up.

The controls can be incredibly frustrating; you may know exactly what you want to do but by the time you’ve scrolled over to it the situtation has changed. It’s difficult to progress without interacting with your fellow inmates, either to beat them up or trade materials for your escape, but good luck catching them. They move around the screen faster than you walk to the location.

The Escapists Favour Request

The tutorial could also include much more; you have to find out a lot of the controls yourself (I still haven’t quite figured out how to use the gym equipment) which can be frustrating because the guards get suspicious if you just sit there bashing your spoon against the table rather than actually eating!

The Escapists Cell

The game seems to have a lot of detail and thought behind it when it comes to the escape plan. There are many different options to choose from down to each intricate detail, but executing your plan is very difficult as there are so many obstacles to overcome. Whilst this makes the game realistic (as let’s face it I’m sure it’s genuinely this difficult to break out of a real prision) the frustration it causes takes the fun out of it and gets boring very quickly.

The Escapists is available now on Xbox One and PC.

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