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Far Cry 4 – Review

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The 4th instalment of Far Cry, the exotic first person shooter series from Ubisoft does not disappoint.  At first glance there isn’t much change from its predecessor Far Cry 3. The main villain is similar; a psychotic dictator with a special interest in the protagonist, however unlike Vaas, Pagan Min is almost too in touch with the modern world. As intimidating as he is it can be a little cringey when he takes a selfie in the middle of a threatening speech. He also doesn’t get a huge amount of face time, which seems wasteful as the character has heaps of potential.

Far Cry 4 Pagan Min

Pagan Min: The Diva Dictator

The intro is gripping, but from there onwards the story wanes slightly and doesn’t really hold the player’s interest. It’s almost its own worst enemy as there is so much to see and do in Kyrat that it’s hard to focus on why you’re there in the first place. On your way to a mission to continue the campaign you’ll likely get distracted by hunting an Asian rhino or clearing an outpost with nothing but 3 chunks of meat at your disposal!

Despite the rebellion that rages within it, the game is beautiful. For maximum immersion there’s a nifty setting that allows you to turn off the interface and just have the scenery and your gun on screen. From the mountains of Kyrat to the wildlife, everything looks like something you’d find on a postcard or a holiday brochure.

Far Cry 4 - Mountains

You can turn the interface off for completely uninterrupted views.

The co-op allows you to play with a friend or on your own, you can do all the same stuff but at the drop of a hat you can invite a friend to join, even if they don’t have the game. The option to send the ‘Keys to Kyrat’ to friends who don’t own the game is a great way to get them to try before they buy or simply introduce them to a genre they may not be used to. It is a shame, however, that the co-op is limited to 2 players maximum.

If you want to play with a third friend you’ll have to take it to the online multiplayer, which offers 3 different game modes, Outpost, Propaganda and Demon Mask. Each team gets to play one round as the Rakshasa, mystical and stealthy armed with a bow and the power to manipulate predators, and one as the Golden Path, who are armed to the teeth with whatever guns and explosives imaginable. Despite the balance of power obtained from each team playing a round as each faction, the Rakshasa are generally much more successful. It’s difficult to gun down enemies you can’t see, and the only advantage the Golden Path really have over their ninja-like counterparts is mortar, which you can fire in their general direction and are highly likely to get a hit.

Far Cry 4 Multiplayer

The mystical Rakshasa are fun to play as but difficult to win against.

The controls, activities and side missions have much of the same core concept as Far Cry 3. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however, the formula works well and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There are some notable additions that do add some great new ways to explore; you can jump off the highest mountain you can find and deploy a wingsuit to gracefully float across the sky or hop in a rickety copter and pick soldiers off from above. The best new way to travel however, has to be by elephant. There’s nothing quite like charging through an outpost on the back of a huge majestic creature, what they lack in speed they make up for in brute force and a hell of a lot of fun.

Far Cry 4 - Shangri-La

The campaign includes spiritual trips to the beautfiul Shangri-La

In addition to the immense amount of stuff to do in Kyrat, throughout the campaign you can unlock the ‘Arena’ where you can battle against waves of enemies and predators; you can also upload your scores to a leaderboard to see how you compare with the rest of the world.

Far Cry 4 is one of the greatest games to land on next gen so far. The gameplay, side missions and scenery more than make up for the slow story and it’s clear that Ubisoft have made an effort to make the gamer happy with this game. Anyone who owns a copy of Far Cry 4 is able to access the online regardless of whether they have PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live, so you really have no excuse not to check out the online multiplayer!

Far Cry 4 is available to buy now on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360,  Xbox One and PC.


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