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Game Of Thrones Episode 1: Iron From Ice – Review

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Any fan of the previous Telltale games will know that one thing they do well is a gripping story. They are masters of taking an established world and supplementing it with unique tales and characters to bring it to life in a game. Their tales are always on the darker side, so it came as no surprise that the developers turned their attention to Westeros.

The first episode, Iron From Ice, focuses on the lives of House Forrester, and how they have been effected by the events of The Red Wedding. You play as 3 different characters, Gared Tuttle (Squire to Lord Forrester), Ethan Forrester (Lord Forrester’s thirdborn son) and Mira Forreseter (his eldest daughter). Each of them desperately working within their power to protect House Forrester from the war that is tearing the North apart.

Game of Thrones Iron From Ice Ramsey Snow

Flay bells ring…Snow is glistening

As with all of Telltale’s games, the choices you make for each character really do feel like they carry weight. Regardless of whether your decisions will have an effect on the overall outcome at all, they lead you to really think carefully about the path you’re taking.

Iron From Ice is every bit as shocking as the show; from the language and gore to the jaw dropping finale. You’ll be wanting to buy the season pass rather than just the first episode as it’ll leave you wanting more. Unfortunately, it’s a Telltale trait to have large gaps between releases of their episodic games, so you could be waiting months for episode 2, but I can already sense it will be worth the wait.

Game of thrones iron from ice Ironrath

Ironrath: A Stronghold surrounded by a forest of Ironwood

The story moves between Ironrath, House Forrester’s stronghold in the North, and the Red Viper’s nest that is King’s Landing. Many of the well loved (and hated) characters from the show make an appearance, but even more pleasing is that the original actors provide the voices. Games adapted from existing franchises can be a little jarring for exisiting fans if they’re presented with a poor imitation rather than the real thing. But the addition of Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage and Natalie Dormer to the voice cast was a welcome one.

Game of Thrones Iron From Ice Iron Throne

The famous Iron Throne makes an appearance, with Cersei being manipulative as always

The next episode looks to be just a thrilling as the first, and will hopefully be available before April so we can get our next Game of Thrones fix before season 5 airs!

Game of Thrones Iron From Ice Episode 1 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. It’ll be available on PS3 from December 10th.

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