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The Order: 1886 – Review

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The Order: 1886

Before it even hit the shelves The Order had a dark mark against its name from many negative reviews. Most of the comments criticised the length of the game, saying it was only 5 hours long. Whilst it’s true that The Order: 1886 is a rather short game, I’d say it’s closer to 8 hours than 5. In the same breath these people are complaining that cutscenes are unskippable. The very heart of the story takes place within the cutscenes, it goes without saying that any game that is played without the cinematics that hold the story together is going to be both quicker and less gripping.

If you go into The Order expecting an open world to explore for hours on end you will be disappointed, but that’s not what Ready at Dawn were aiming for. It’s a very story driven game, and the cutscenes blend seamlessly into gameplay without skipping a beat making the world all the more immersive.

The Order: 1886 review

One of my favourite parts of the game is the inclusion of characters from history; Jack the Ripper is mentioned by the characters and his gruesome murders are the headlines of newspapers that can be found dotted around Whitechapel. An even bigger part is played by the great Nikola Tesla, the real life mad scientist, who creates the futuristic weapons used by The Order.The weapons are another great aspect of the game, the best being a thermite rifle which first shoots flammable liquid at an enemy then ignites it for maximum destruction.

There are a few features included that appear in a lot of games these days, for example, lockpicking. I’m sure many people have played at least one game in the last year that has had some form of lockpicking involved.  The Order: 1886 approaches this mechanic in a fresh way. They’ve incorporated the vibrations of the Dual Shock 4 so the player has to feel the change in the lock rather than just look for it, it’s a small thing but definitely added new life to a feature that has become commonplace in today’s games. This wasn’t the only innovative use of the controller; in order to communicate with an airship, you must use the touchpad to send morse code light signals, it’s a small thing that only occurs once but was a nice little quirk that shows the creators are paying great attention to detail.

The Order: 1886 review

The famous round table

The game is simply beautiful, it can’t be easy to get the grey atmosphere of Victorian London to look so appealing but Ready at Dawn have managed it. The faces of the characters could be the closest I’ve ever seen a game come to live action. Everything about the game is rendered to perfection, from the rain on the streets to the hairs on the werewolves.

One thing that I personally appreciated, though I fear has gone unnoticed, was that The Order – an ancient group of Knights sworn to protect the world from werewolves and other beasties – included many women. Sat around the very round table King Arthur did, were a mixture of both genders, all Knights of The Order. It was also great to see many strong female focus characters; Igraine, a fellow knight of the round table and Galahad’s right hand and Lakshmi, the fierce leader of the rebels both have a huge amount of screen time.

The Order: 1886 review

Igraine, also known as Izzy

This is one series I certainly hope to see more of, the world created in The Order: 1886 has a lot of potential for further devlopement either with DLC or a sequel (though fingers crossed for both!) and the team behind it clearly have great talent. There’s nothing worse than tacked on multiplayer or filler just for the sake of it. The Order: 1886 is the perfect length for the story they wanted to tell, with many oppurtunities left for more tales in the future.

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The Order: 1886 is out now on PlayStation 4.

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