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Published on May 21st, 2015 | by Mica Rose


Sheltered Teaser Trailer – “Nothing Lasts Forever”

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Sheltered Teaser Trailer Released entitled “Nothing Lasts Forever”

Unicube have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming game Sheltered. After being fully funded by Kickstarter, the game was picked up by Team17 for publishing.

The guys at Unicube are certainly focusing on what’s important and are catering for every gamer. Today, with an update released through Kickstarter, the team announced that the families feature in the game can be made up however the player likes, be it two dads and two daughters or an all female troupe, it’s completely up to the player. Unicube says “In Sheltered, it’s not about who you (the characters) are it’s about how you work together to survive”.

sheltered nothing lasts forever

A refreshing, simple and fantastic approach to a game, which is inclusive to everyone. But nothing lasts forever, Unicube warn. Stating that death comes to everyone, sooner or later, some sooner than deserved. In Sheltered a death in the family will affect everyone’s mood, which if not carefully managed could lead to catatonia in your characters. If the lost family members had special and invaluable skills they make it clear that this will be a setback, and will leave the family with some difficult decisions to make about the future.


Unicube have also included some details on what happens when you venture out into the wasteland in search of necessary supplies. You will occasionally encounter other survivors, a stressful experience with big risks attached, if you react incorrectly it could end in consequences worse than death (which most certainly sounds ominous), but get it right and you could open up trade oppurtunities, learn more about your surroundings or even gain an extra human resource for your shelter.
Sheltered nothing lists forever
These encounters are rare occurrences, but if you do come across one you will need to decide which of the family to put forward  to negotiate. This person should be chosen wisely, to ensure their statistics are up to the challenge.

I’m certainly itching to get hands on with this game, which is due to launch its first playable Alpha in September.

How about you consumers? Will you be checking out Sheltered?

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