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Ca$h ‘n Guns Review

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Average play time per game: 30 minutes

Suitable for ages: 10+

Number of players: 4-8

Mechanics: Take That, Player Elimination


PEW PEW PEW. Ahem. The game of Mexican stand-offs is back. Ca$h ‘n Guns is the perfect opportunity to get friends and family together to argue, threaten and hopefully shoot them all in the face. I can see this being a favourite recommendation for therapists.

Ca$h ‘n Guns is a gangster themed party game of looting and shooting, recently reprinted by Repos Production. Players play as one of a variety of criminal characters trying to divide their loot after a successful heist. Over a series of rounds players will attempt to grow their own personal stash whilst knocking off opponents. The winner is the richest crook left alive.


Each player takes 1 foam gun, 5 click cards, 3 band cards and selects a character which they place in front of them.

All loot cards are shuffled and divided in to 8 piles of 8 face down cards and place at the centre of the table

Place the new Godfather token near the loot cards.

Place the wound tokens in a pile within reach of all players.

Give the Godfather token (first player token) to the oldest player.



There are 8 turns in a game, each divided in to 7 simple steps.

Loot – Take one pile of loot cards (8 cards in total) and spread them in the centre of the table, face up.

Bullet Card – Each player chooses one of their bullet cards (either a click, or a bang!) and places it before them with out revealing to the other players. Note that each bullet card will be discarded after use so pick carefully.

Hold-up – The player who is the Godfather must count to 3. On the count of 3 each player still in the game must aim is foam gun at another player. Be quick! If you take too long decided you’ll be discounted for the turn.

Godfather’s Privilege – once all targets are chosen, the Godfather may force another player to change target.

Courage – The Godfather counts to 3 once again. Players must do either of the following.

– Lay down their character. This represents ducking out of the gunfight.

Players who choose this option will discard their chosen bullet card face down and take no further part in the turn; they are unable to be wounded until the next turn.

– Leave their character standing and shout “Banzai!!!” for reasons.

If a player decides to stick it out then there is a chance they may take a wound or two, or even three if you’re the least popular person at the table. If you survive then you’ll get a chance to grab some loot.

If a player’s target drops out then the aiming player discards their bullet card face down because family friendly gun toting gangsters don’t shoot cowards.

Card Effects – players who still have a card in front of them must reveal it and apply its effects.

Click: a miss or a misfire, what ever makes you happier. Nothing happens

Bang!: The targeted player is wounded. The player must lay their standee down, take a wound token and cannot participate in the looting. The wounded player will remember this for the rest of the game. Guaranteed.

Three things to remember.

– Yes, two players can wound each other simultaneously.

– Yes, players can receive multiple wounds in one turn.

– If a player receives 3 wounds then they are out of the game and presumed sleeping with the fishes.


Loot sharing – If you’re still standing by this point then you may loot.

Beginning with the Godfather (or next player clockwise if the godfather is no longer participating this turn) each player may take one loot card, placing it in their play area, face down.

Players continue clockwise until all loot cards are taken. It is possible to go around the table multiple times, or even for one player to receive all the loot.

Players may also take the Godfather token from the centre. This ensures they will be the Godfather next turn.

The game finishes after 8 turns (or when there is only one player remaining to claim victory.) the value of each surviving players stash is tallied, with the player with the most diamonds receiving the diamond token worth an additional sum. The Player with the largest haul is claimed victor and now has the right to retire in the south of Spain.


Firstly, I see why Ca$h ‘n Guns has had the odd complaint against it. Whilst most see the funny side, the game is for 10 and up and a lot of parents don’t want to point a gun at their child. That and it gets heated really easy. I played a game with my partner and about half way through the game the phrase “I would never lie to you darling so believe me when I say I am ready to SHOOT YOU IN THE DAMN FACE.” That was her to me for the record. Whilst Kovalic’s illustrations (Famous for the Munchkin series art work) and the silly foam guns with orange caps on the end do a great job of reminding you its a light hearted party game, for some that clearly isn’t enough. If these things are going to be a problem, just leave it be.

If you’re still interested I’d say try it. It’s a good price and there are a few variants including character ability cards that allow you to take extra wounds or steal dead player’s loot etc. so you’ll get plenty of plays before it gets stale. What’s also nice are the components seem fairly resilient, meaning younglings will have trouble trying to trash the pieces, so Ca$h ‘n Guns gets points all round for shelf life. For me the coolest thing is they have upped the player maximum by 2 in the recent reprint which gives Ca$h ‘n Guns more flexibility of when and with whom you can play it.

Lastly, The game plays simply which is exactly what you want from a party game for 4-8 players. Every one will get this, and most will like it so long as the theme is inoffensive. I’ve never been a great lover of family/party games but with its fun props, nice art and ambiguous theme, I got some laughs out of this one. This is certainly a game I’ll keep in mind when I have over larger groups, or just people I’d like to pretend shoot. You can pick u Ca$h ‘n Guns in your local boardgame store or online.

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