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Top Tabletop Games Of 2014

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We have recently started to cover tabletop games on the site so what better way than to end our Top picks in 2014 week, with a nice and short round up of what we consider the top tabletop games of 2014. Please check out our look back at Comics, TV, Film and Games whilst you are here.

Pokemon TCG event for Phantom Forces deck at The Loading Bar in London

XY Phantom Forces – Pokemon Trading Card Game

“My favourite tabletop game of 2014 is the new Phantom Forces Pokémon card game.
The new cards and decks released are fantastic and I have managed to create a brilliant fairy half deck to compliment my flash fire deck. You can check out my guide to XY Phantom Forces here.” – Ninjette Natasha



Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

“Following the highly popular but highly diverse 4th Edition was always going to be hard for Wizards Of The Coast, but with 5th they seem to have pulled it off. Following a very extensive public beta, 5th manages to bridge the roleplay vs combat divide almost perfectly, with lists of skills and items to appease the 3rd Edition purists and some sturdy fighting rules for the 4th Edition fans. Time will tell if it all gets errata-ed all to hell, but for now 5th is a great jumping on point for new players and a excellent addition for seasoned veterans.” – Rob May


Star Wars: Imperial Assault

“Following on from my review which barely scratched the surface of this juggernaut of a game, I got a chance to delve into a bit more and I love it. Is that because I’m Star Wars fan? Maybe. But once you get a good understanding of this game and you give yourself a nice time window to play in, this game is great. Working together as a team to defeat your mate with their endless Imperial resources is great fun. You get to build small maps, pull off cool moves and even fight an AT-ST. What’s not to like! I see that Fantasy Flight have some expansion packs available now so now doubt this game will keep me busy in 2015 too! I appreciate the outlay is rather big but you are getting a lot in a box and you could paint your figures to be accurate to the universe, should you be inclined to do so. Get some mates together, whack on some classic John Williams and help the Rebel Alliance kick the Empire’s butt!” – Duke

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