Table Top Zombie 15 box

Published on March 16th, 2015 | by Duke Of Havoc


Zombie 15′ Review

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Average time per game: 15 minutes per level – 15 levels in total

Suitable for ages: 14+

Number of players: 2-4

“Your house is no longer safe; they are on the verge of breaking down the door to your bedroom. It’s time to improvise and find our survivors so you can make it alive. But the zombie horde haunts the streets…and where would you go anyway? Better hurry: You’ve got 15 minutes before the horde gets here.” 

Welcome to Zombie 15′, a squad based game set across various levels of increasing difficulty as you and your friends (an interchangeable ragtag group of 15 year olds) get from A to B undertaking specific tasks like clearing your neighbourhood or find specific items.

Zombie 15

The unique mechanic for this game is that each level has a 15 minute time limit set to a soundtrack. Yes, a soundtrack! There is a CD in the box which has 3 songs which are 15 minutes in length. They all start with a creepy air-raid siren and then continue to get creepier. There is an instant tension added to the game as you and up to 3 other friends work as quickly as you can to complete the task at hand. What I really enjoyed about this game is the fact that they really ease you in gently. The tutorial doesn’t use any the extra features cards and whittles the enemy cards down to a very select few, so not to overwhelm new players and put them off going through the myriad of levels that have been expertly designed. Anyway, I’m waffling, let’s go through the game.

Zombie 15′ Box Contents

In the very colour box you get a ton of equipment including:

32 double-sided terrain tiles – really gorgeous artwork on them too!

8 hero figures – This is you on the board in figure form! Stick together and

8 hero cards – 4 boys, 4 girls – nice diverse bunch too!

99 zombie figures + 1 “Alpha” zombie – yeah, shit gets real. Fast.

1 CD – with 3 creepy as fuck songs that are essential your egg timer

Campaign guide

1 horde box – this is where you put zombie based on certain things that happen in game. Then they can suddenly appear!

25 Ammo/Durability tokens – Unlike some games, there is VERY limited ammo and if you smack a zombie repeatedly with your baseball bat, eventually it breaks!

15 life points – counters that you use on your card to show how badly the zombies have roughed you up.

56 search cards – you get to ransack all the empty houses and find new weapons and equipment!

48 zombie cards – Yeah. Whilst searching, you might “discover” zombies (by drawing cards) and these bastards interrupt your search and try to chomp on your tasty brains!

18 special item cards – Did you know some people keep defibrillators or smoke grenades? Well apparently these items can be found during searches. Along with cats, dogs, hamburgers, ammo and more!

33 scenario cards – These include your character’s default weapons (ranging from cestus gloves to a chain with spanners attached), along with other weapons and items to aid you and team’s quest!

Various tokens – These include exit points, vehicles (car and choppers), padlocks and keys. Basically things which can aid or balls up your escape!

See, I told you it was a lot!