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Zombie Dice Review

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Average play time per game: 10 minutes

Suitable for ages: 10+

Number of players: 2-the maximum amount of people that you can fit in the room

Mechanics: Dice Rolling, Press your luck


Why do I want to review this game? Simply because I have seen Zombie Dice for sale in every geek shop I have ever been to. I am also aware that the same mechanics have been reimplemented several times in games such as Dino Hunt Dice and Mars Attack The Dice Game, yet oddly I don’t know a soul who owns a copy. It’s fair to say I am more than a little curious at this point so I picked up a copy and put it through its paces. Get ready to dodge the boomstick and nosh some brains.

Zombie Dice is a quick play dice game from Steve Jackson games, designer of the ever popular Munchkin series. For a change of pace, Zombie Dice sees players adopt the “roll” of the living dead and get snacking on the living. Some you will eat, some will escape and some will explode your face off. There is no limit to how many players may join a game as all game components are passed between players on their turn.



Grab a pen and paper or an alternative way to keep score.

Put Zombie dice on the table.

First player is “the one who can say “Braaaaains!” with the most feeling.”

Zombie Dice is now ready to play. That was refreshingly easy.


On the first turn a player begins by shaking the cup containing the dice.

The player draws 3 dice from the cup with out looking and rolls them

There are three possible outcomes of a dice roll

Brain – NOMNOMNOM. Tasty victory points. When you roll brains set them aside to your left.

Shotgun – BOOM. You tried to eat the wrong survivor. When you roll shotguns set them aside to your right.

Footprints – K Thanx Bye. They got away. When you roll footprints, keep them in front of you. You may wish to reroll these dice later.


Zombie dice also come in three different colours, red, yellow and green. Colour indicates the difficulty. Red dice give the highest chance of rolling a shotgun with 3 shotgun icons, yellow with 2 and green with 1. The colour of a die does not change its point value.

If a player rolls 3 shotgun icons then they go hungry and their turn is over, with no points scored. If a player rolled 2 or less shotguns then they may either stop and score points or roll some more dice.

If a player chooses to stop and score then that player scores one point for each brain icon rolled and nothing for a shotgun or footprint icon. That player then returns all die to the cup and passes over to the next player, ending the turn.

If a player chooses to go again take any footprint dice rolled previously and enough new dice from the cup to total 3 dice. Players always roll 3 dice. From the new results set aside any shotgun or brain icons as above and then decide whether to roll again or stop and score. If there are ever too few dice in the cup then note how many brains you currently have then return them to the cup but keep all shotguns in front of you.

The only limitation to how many times a player may reroll their dice is how lucky they are. Once a player reaches a total of 13 brains the current round is then completed. The winner is the player with the most brains at the end of that round. In the event of a tie, then the leaders (only) play a tiebreaker round.



Meh, Its very simple. I appreciate that this is unlikely to be the foundation of an entire evenings gaming and is only intended as a quick filler but I was still expecting a little bit of strategy somewhere. It is very much down to the luck of the dice, that means there is no aspect of balance but I don’t think there was ever intended to be any. Its a tricky game to get competitive over as seeing as its so random but that has to be its most charming aspect. If you’re looking for some thing light, silly and playable by anyone with a brain worth eating then you could do worse. Its cup is secure and transportable, the price tag is very agreeable and the dice are nicely finished, however, for my filler game, I’ll probably be going pack to Fluxx. My group prefers a little more strategy and a lot less luck in our filler games, so as for Zombie Dice, well we just couldn’t get our teeth in to it.

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