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The Swindle – PlayStation 4 Review

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The Swindle – A Steampunk CyberCrime Caper

Labelled by the developers Size Five Games as a Steampunk CyberCrime Caper, The Swindle is one of the most infuriating yet addictive games I’ve ever played. No matter how many times you fail (and trust me, it will be a lot) you will just want to keep going until you’ve stolen just a little bit more. I sincerely hope this game hasn’t awakened my inner bandit, as I have neither the grace nor dexterity to pull off some of the moves that the exquisitely named thieves in The Swindle do.

When you die, you take control of a new ’employee’, each with a different steampunk style and authentic Victorian name like Ethel Cobblestone or Edgar Foxtrot. The aim of the game is to steal as much money from a location as possible, without dying or attracting the attention of the guards. It’s easy to think that after dying once you’d know not to make the same mistake again and adjust for your next attempt – that method doesn’t really work with The Swindle. Each heist will have a randomly generated level, leading to certain areas being off limits without upgrades or some rather unlucky guard placements.

the swindle steampunk cybercrime caper

As you earn more money you’ll be able to buy these upgrades, which include hacking expertise and security access to more difficult areas. You start off in the Slums and make your through the Warehouse District and the lovely suburbs of New Belgravia to eventually get to the big money level: The Swindle.

The Swindle has a wide diversity of enemies, especially as you progress through the game. From a standard speed guard in the slums who will just raise the alarm to a posh old man robot with a shotgun and a keen eye roaming around the mansions of New Belgravia.

As difficult as the game can be, the satisfaction when you succeed and make off with 100% of the loot is delicious, and the reason why you will happily fail ten times in order to get one more successful heist.

Fans of steampunk and crime capers will most certainly enjoy this one, just try not to hurl your controllers or PS Vitas at the wall!

The game is available now on Steam, PS3, Ps4, PS Vita, XboxOne and WiiU.


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