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Theme Hospital Free To Download On PC

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Theme Hospital is now FREE to download on PC!

This game is the perfect nostalgia trip for those who loved it way back in the 90s. If you somehow missed out on it back then, now is your chance to pick this gem up absolutely free!

theme hospital

How could you?!

Bullfrog productions is no longer in business, but they will forever be the creators of some of my favourite games from my childhood (keep an eye out for Dungeon Keeper too consumers). The touch of dark humour they put into their games went mostly over my head when I was a wide eyed 8 year old. However after recently going back to it as an adult, all the hilarious names of diseases are like discovering new things on my trip down memory lane. You’ll be treating ‘Slack Tongue’, an illness where the patient’s tongue swells up and hangs out of their mouth, and ‘King Complex’, a psychological condition where sufferers believe they are Elvis Presley.

In Theme Hospital you are charged with building and running your own hospital; turning a profit and healing patients is the aim of the game, with levels getting harder and harder with each promotion. From keeping the staff happy and well trained to dealing with epidemics of Bloaty Head syndrome you’ll have your hands full!

The game was first released in 1997, but  it still maintains its charm almost two decades on (despite the rather obvious gender confines of all  doctors being male and all nurses being female). Although it has been ported and released on other platforms, including PlayStation 3, the original and best way to play Theme Hospital is most definitely on PC.

Download it here and let us know what you think either in the comments or on Facebook.

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