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XCOM 2 Announced In New Trailer

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It might not feel like that long ago that Firaxis was releasing a substantial expansion to their surprisingly successful reboot of the XCOM franchise with XCOM: Enemy Within. But today publisher 2K has announced a full-blown sequel to the revived franchise, dropping the series’ fondness for clever subtitles and simply going with XCOM 2 for their follow-up. Announced in a pre-rendered trailer below, we’ve been given the tentative date of November 2015. Provided they can keep to it, we’ll at least have one more game that hasn’t joined the teeming ranks of Released In 2016.

20 years into the future is such a faraway place. A time of minimalist UIs, sleeker armour, immaculate sci-fi gardens, and… swords?

Details are fairly scant at the moment, but 2K has said that the sequel takes place 20 years after the first game and its expansion. Despite XCOM’s apparent victory over the alien invaders in the first game, Earth has since fallen under the control of the extra-terrestrial menace and their puppet government. It looks like it’ll be up to the new, guerilla-fighter flavour of XCOM to save humanity and send those alien overlords packing. The CG trailer showcases some new soldier types, a few new weapons, and some new enemy aliens as well, with a noticeable redesign for the Sectoid, one of the old mainstays that used to resemble the stereotypical ‘grey’.

With some of the new designs glimpsed in the trailer, you have to wonder if the campy B-movie influences of the first game are being swapped out for something a little more serious.

XCOM won acclaim for its style of tactical squad-based combat and it certainly seems like it’d be right at home with the guerilla warfare theme that XCOM 2 is tapping into. But will the promised tweaks, additions, and the new lick of paint given to the graphics be enough to justify a new entry in the series? What do you think, consumer? Check out the trailer released by IGN below and let us know what you think!


XCOM 2 is being released in November 2015, exclusively for the PC.

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