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Published on December 24th, 2015 | by Dapper Dan


3Bods1Pod – Episode 88: Kojima’s Emancipation, Doctor Who Finale & Bungie Get Grabby

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Welcome back to the latest episode of 3Bods1Pod. The single pod with the trio of bods! This week: Dan grumbles about Doctor Who disappointment, Chris wanders the wasteland in Fallout 4, and Fee finds the best Hawkeye story of the year, buried in a Gwenpool book?!

BIFF! – Hideo Kojima escapes the clutches of Konami. What’s next for the Metal Gear guru?

BAM! – Titan Comics bring Dan’s favourite, Penny Dreadful, to comics!

GASP! – Has Secret Wars been spoiled by the recent relaunched books?

ZOINKS! – Wolverine & Kingsman’s Eggsy team up to battle arctic conditions?

POW! – Trailers ago-go! X-Men: Apocalypse, Star Trek: Beyond and more!

OOF! – Bungie charge “How much?!” for their latest Destiny add-on?

Here are this week’s timestamps:

00:02:11 ­ Doctor Who Finale Spoilers Starts

00:04:10 ­ Doctor Who Finale Spoilers End

00:21:52 ­ Geeky Christmas Presents

00:24:00 ­ Dan’s Star Wars Predictions (Which you should know by now how in/accurate they were)

00:27:39 ­ Comic News

00:35:10 ­ TV / Film News

00:48:43 ­ Gaming News

Thanks for listening, The Pod will be back next week, with your usual dose of geek news and chat. As always, if you want to contact any of the bods they’re on Twitter, either on the show’s account: 3Bods1Pod or their individual accounts:

Dapper Dan – Pun-slinger by day. Comics, TV, Tabletop booster by night.

Chris – Games guru and movie maven

Fee – Action Librarian and Marvel uber-fan.

Lauren – Comics, Cartoons and Jitsu moves.

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