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Published on May 16th, 2014 | by Dapper Dan


Episode 25 Kieron Gillen Interview Part 1

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We’ve been really lucky in the Bod Pod this week. Dapper and Hazel had the chance to sit down and record quite an in-depth interview with one of Comics’ biggest names right now; Kieron Gillen. In fact, we recorded so much material we’ve had to split it into two episodes. This week we look at his latest creator-owned book with frequent collaborator Jamie McKelvie; The Wicked + The Divine, from Image.

WicDiv 1 - Lucy

We also discuss his Second World War alterniverse book with art from Caanan White; Uber, from Avatar.


Next week we take a look back at his critically-acclaimed runs on Marvel’s Young Avengers (Marvel Boy has a lot to answer for), Journey Into Mystery (All the Kid Loki feels), Uncanny X-Men (Cyclops is the hero, not the villain, according to Dapper) and Iron Man (Tony Stark, man of  mechanical mischief and moustache rides)

Hie thee to iTunes forthwith and give the latest episode a listen. Let our mellifluous tones pour into your earholes like maple syrup across a pile of hot pancakes.

Dapper Dan
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