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Published on June 2nd, 2015 | by Dapper Dan


3Bods1Pod Episode 69 – Supergirl, River Song and E3

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Fee was on shore leave from the Pod this week, so Chris & Dapper were left to their own devices. In an impressive show of maturity, they avoided making any jokes about this episode’s number. Instead they discuss the Supergirl TV pilot, the possibility of polarising Doctor Who character River Song making a return, the BBC dramatizing Grand Theft Auto’s origins and a look ahead to the big games coming to consoles over the rest of the year.

Dapper has continued his tentative forays into the murky world of PvP gaming on the PS4, and catching up on Dan Slott’s mighty Amazing Spider-Man run.

Chris soldiers on through his mighty 30 Films in 30 Days challenge, and packs to move house while battling through the latest expansion for the award-winning shooter, Destiny.


As always, if you want to contact any of the bods, they’re on Twitter, either on the show’s account: 3Bods1Pod or their individual accounts:

Dapper Dan – IT drone by day; Comics, TV, Tabletop booster by night.

Chris – Games guru and movie maven

Fee – Action Librarian and Marvel uber-fan.


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