Published on August 28th, 2015 | by Dan Melrose


WGMABPD Comic Book Podcast Episode 43 – Comic Sans

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This weeks pod comes from the distant past of last Tuesday because Dave is swanning off to Switzerland on a so-called “work trip”. However, that doesn’t stop us having a jolly old chin wag on the weeks geeky gossip as we chat NEWS!

Bones regales us with a 16 year old anecdote that might well reveal when the rumoured forthcoming Blackadder 5 will be set. But should they even bother?

There’s a new writer on board for Masters Of The Universe… and its the lad who wrote Thor: The Dark World.  Dave argues why Chip Zdarsky should get the job.

Todd Landers from Neighbours makes The Underterminatortaker tap out! Little to no shit is given.

Can YOU think of a TV series/movie that has two characters with the same first name???? We try! We fail!

We watch trailers for the embarrassingly bad looking Ken Jeong TV series “Dr Ken”,  the fantastic looking Mad Max meets BMX Bandits 80s action homage that is “Turbo Kid”, as well as James McAvoy & Daniel Radcliffe trying to be the best on-screen Victorian era buddiees since Robert Downey Jnr & Jude Law as they put a new shitty twist on “Victor Frankenstein “

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