Published on September 7th, 2015 | by Dan Melrose


WGMABPD Comic Book Podcast Episode 43 –

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Welcome back to the Shed. The home to small talk, bits ‘n’ bobs of news
and of course comics. Due to Dave being an international jet setter last
week, the chaps have the best of two weeks worth of books to discuss.

We get a large slice of Valiant pie with extra scoops of super-spy action
in the form of Ninjak #6 and Book Of Death: The Fall Of Ninjak. Ales Kot’s
Dead Drop reaches it’s conclusion plus we have this week’s Imperium #8.
We nibble at Spielbergian kids meets superheroesness of Plutona on Image
We have a sharing platter of Marvel with Silver Surfer, Groot and Future
Aliens vs Vampirella. fills our faces till our chests burst.
Though already fat with panels and bubbly speech, we take a moment to
praise House Party and The Rabbit by Rachael Smith as well as Blood Blokes
by Adam Cadwell, but more of them next week when they are both guests on
the show.

And thats not all!!!!!

We review Chew: The Card Game, Rick & Morty: The TV Show, and watch
trailers for movies to be shown at this years Grimmfest including Henry
Rollins in He’s Not Dead, nostalgic retro shocker We Ae Still Here, Irish
folklore gone terrifying in The Hollow, the twin horrors of werewolves and
British trains in Howl, Blade Runnerish timey-wimey flick Sychronicity.

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