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Published on April 25th, 2015 | by Dan Melrose


WGMABPD Episode 25 – Catweasel

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Below is an extract of the final moments befalling Shedquarters 2 and her brave, courageous crew. Retrieved from the Sheds’ Black Box, dated many years from now, we gain insight into this most possible of all futures.


*Crackle*Cough* Hello? Can you hear us? HELLO? *fizzle* Damn thing. I knew this Box wouldn’t last forever… If you can hear me, this is the final recording from Shed 2, April 23rd 2641. We are running out of supplies. The other Black Box is nearly empty. We have had to engage the Quantum-Fizzy Reactor and attach it to the Betsy-Nads, thus creating a vent in the Shed Time Continuum. We have been able to retrieve some sustenance from the early days of the Time-Flump, mainly in the form of clouds of some sort of pretty gas and some reviews of that weeks comics, such as: Kaptara, Beyond Belief, Invisible Republic, Postal, Ninjak, Divinity, Ivar Timewalker, Miami Vice Remix, Suiciders, The Black Hood, Flash Gordon, Convergence, The Infinite Loop, Star Wars, Black Widow, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Chew, Hulk, We can never go home, The Fly: Outbreak & 2000AD. We also managed to retrieve sporadic information on some, then current, trailers, and interesting ones too! We saw Fantastic Four, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Batman Vs Superman, and Infini, and we all know how that one panned out! Jar Jar Binks is the Sith Lord! We still laugh at that one occasionally! *parp* We were able to gain further strength from some genre news, and warmed ourself against the memory of Sean Connery in his Zardos costume. Alas! It has not been enough. Now we wither to nothingness here at the end of the Time-Flump, squeezing our memories of the Golden Age of Geekdom, when information and entertainment was readily available… With my dying breaths I can tell you that I have only one regret, I should never have *Crackle* the *Pfft* in the back of Mrs *Hisss*, and I can only say on my defence that I was *vvvt* on *Crackle* and *Hiss* at the time. And also, I have to get this off my chest, It was me who *vvvvvt* END TRANSMISSON

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