Published on May 22nd, 2015 | by Dan Melrose


WGMABPD Episode 29 – Danshot: Reborn

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It was yet another foggy late afternoon in the shed. The candle sputtered and spat on Dan-Vers, like Baron Harkonen’s despicable spittle. Dan-Vers sat with Bones, waiting for Him to arrive.

Him, with his un-groomed face and knitted Storm Trooper sweater, banging on about this and that. We couldn’t wait. And we didn’t.

Dave arriiiiived, like, in a swift north easterly manner, bringing with him a stately air, and one great idea: They were to re-create a crime scene, one of utmost violence and reprobation. The tableau would help them to understand the medium of comics, enabling them to delve further into the seedy underworld of downtown Sequential Artsville.

There, they would be going door to door of all the seedy bars and knock-up shops, places such as: Star Wars, Battleworld: Ultimate End, Planet Hulk, Spiderverse, A-Force, Master of King Fu, Moon Knight, Bloodshot: Reborn, Ninjak, Oh Killstrike, Joe Frankenstein, Insufferable, The Tithe, Kaptara, Secret Identities, Trees, The Fade Out, & Wytches. It was a dark yet enjoyable and fruitful trip. 

The trio then took a journey to the great silver screen, under the looming shadows of dusk. They watched some three minute offerings, some films yet to become. They mildly engaged their minds to contemplate, Vacation, Cooties, and Aquarius, as well as having little pow-wow about Mad Max. Kapeesh? It was then that Dan-Vers reported on some vague news.

Alas, the meet was called to a halt, as Dan-Vers was getting hungry, and it was time for Beans On.

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