Published on July 23rd, 2015 | by Dan Melrose


WGMABPD Episode 38 – Dicompodulated

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Dave & Dan once more delve into the world of weekly comics. Once more into the breach! Once more into the valley of Death! Once more! Once more! To Battleworld, and beyond (not the Beyonder)! To Image! To Boom! To IDW! To Others! To these comics:

Future Imperfect, Punisher, Magneto, E is for Extinction, Star Lord & Kitty Pryde, Weirdworld, Marvel Zombies, Hawkeye, The Fly, Power Up, Fight Club 2, Hellbreak, Sidekick, Fall of Bloodshot, Wolf, COWL, Cyborg, We are Robin, Archie vs Sharknado, & 2000AD!

To a review of all 6 volumes of Criminal by Brubaker and Phillips!

To the 3 minute movies of SPECTRE, American Ultra, & The Rapture!

To chit! To Chat! To making up words! To Barking Dogs! To no real news!


To the end of this blurb!


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