Published on October 17th, 2015 | by Dan Melrose


WGMABPD Episode 49 – Wanktober

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Beholden ye this here podblurb! Cast thine eyes upon what we talk about on
this weeks All New All Different (but very much the same) When Giant
Monsters Attack Beautiful People Die podcast and then plug us directly into
your headholes and hear us speak of it in our sultry northern tones.

We read more comics than we’ve had in aaaaages, including; Jughead, Rowans
Ruin, Dead Vengeance, Dr Strange, Amazing Spider-Man, Invincible Iron Man,
Secret Wars, All New All Different Point One, Avengers, Spider-Island,
Space Riders, Cluster, This Damned Band, Devilers, The Humans, Copperhead,
Southern Bastards, Bloodshot Reborn, Imperium, 2000ad, Lola XOXO Wastlend
Madam, Batman and Robin Eternal, D4VE2

Dave tells us more about GRIMMFEST 2015 and reviews the excellent TURBO KID
and festive shocker A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY.

We watch the trailer for Kurt Russell in cowboys ‘n’ cannibals flick BONE
TOMAHAWK as well discussing this weeks telly including DOCTOR WHO and

And what of news? We talk about costume revamp(irella) for Dynamites
leading ladies, why the PREACHER TV show will be it’s “own thing” and
probably some none-news regarding directors NOT directing movies and actors
saying they’d LIKE to act in movies, people getting angry at other people
on the internet and twitter saying “Ooooooh, look at meeeeee, I’m at New
York Comic Con, I’m soooo cooooool” (coz, yo’know, we’re not in any way
jealous or bitter) all that usual gubbins.

Worra lorra chitty chat, eh folks? We’d best get started.

And for Grud’s sake send us a ruddy email or something!!!!

Don’t forget to send us an email on wgmabpd@gmail.com or find us on Twitter @WGMABPD orhttps://www.facebook.com/whengiantmonstersattackbeautifulpeopledie or subscribe on itunes!

Share with your fellow Consumers!

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