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Published on November 25th, 2014 | by Mica Rose


12 Original Christmas Gifts For Gamers

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It’s difficult to buy Christmas gifts for gamers, especially if you’re not one yourself. So here’s a list of 12 original gifts for the gamer in your life that make a great alternative to a gift card!

Sonic Casino Nights Dress from InsertCoinClothing

Casino Nights Dress by InsertCoin Clothing

1. The ‘Casino Nights’ dress from InsertCoin clothing, inspired by the most famous blue hedgehog in history is a great gift for any lady gamer in your life. There are countless tees and hoodies available that feature gaming characters but none capture the pixels of my childhood quite like this dress does. Available exclusively from InsertCoin clothing for £35.

Kingdom Hearts Paopu Fruit Necklace

Kingdom Hearts Paopu Fruit Necklace from Etsy

2. As any player of Kingdom Hearts will know, if two people share a Paopu fruit, their destinies become intertwined and they will remain a part of each other’s lives forever. This is the perfect gift to show love or friendship for a gamer that is close to you. Available from Etsy for £13.13

BioShock Infinite Vigor Prints

BioShock Infinite Vigor Adverts from Etsy

3. I’m personally a sucker for anything that takes something from a fantasy world and brings it to reality. These advert prints for vigors from BioShock Infinite do just that. Prefer Rapture to Columbia? Well they have Plasmid ads on offer too. Get them from Etsy for £11.81

Paperback Style Video Game Covers

Paperback Book Style Video Game Covers from Etsy

4. These video game covers add a retro look to any gameshelf and are great for any neat freaks who like to have everything matching. They are custom made and delivered by email for you to print off and slip into a game case. Get them on etsy from £1.31 each.

PlayStation Christmas Jumper

PlayStation Christmas Jumper from Gamer Heaven

5. Nothing says Christmas like the traditional knitted jumper! There are some great ones available these days, from the standard snowflake pattern to the over-the-top Rudolph with a bright red pom pom nose; this one stands out to me this year though as it’s simple yet perfectly sums up the iconic PlayStation buttons.

Pokemon Willow Plates

Pokemon 8-Bit Willow Plates by Olly Moss

6. These plates are truly fantastic. From the creative genius that is Olly Moss; they depict a classic snapshot of my childhood playing Pokemon on my GameBoy. They’re sophisticated too, so if you have your grandparents around for Christmas dinner they’ll be impressed…as long as they don’t look too closely! They’re almost too pretty to cover with food!

Skyrim iPhone Stats Case

Skyrim iPhone Case from Cafe Press

7. Any Dragonborn will tell you that there is nothing worse than when they are ‘over-encumbered and cannot run’ when they can’t bear to part with those valuable potions or rolls of cheese “just in case”. So it’s good for them to know exactly how much of their precious cargo space is taken up by their iPhones!

Street Fighter Pixel Bricks - Ryu

Street Fighter Pixel Bricks – Ryu

8. Pixel Bricks are miniature Lego-like figures that are almost like a puzzle to build. The blocks are very tiny, just like the pixels the characters came from and can be assembled using the easy to follow instructions that come in the box. It’s not just Ryu who’s in real life pixel form – also available to buy and build are Sonic, Tails and Ken and Blanka from Street Fighter.


World of Warcraft Monopoly

9. What happens when two of the most addictive games in history collide? Well World of Warcraft Monopoly of course! Monopoly is possibly the easiest game to adapt to different themes, and I personally love seeing all the different versions and recognising what’s replacing ‘Old Kent Road’  as the cheap end or the swanky ‘Mayfair’  square. There are Monopoly designs for almost everything you could think of on the internet but unfortunately not many of them make it to production. World of Warcraft made it though, and it’s available from Amazon for around £23.

Piranha Plant Wine Glasses

Mario Piranha Plant Wine Glasses

10. The iconic spotty piranha plant is recognised as many as a deadly obstacle from the Mario games. Fill it with wine however, and it seems much more approachable. The design is simple yet effective and has turn a regular old wine glass into a talking piece with fellow gamers. Unfortunately these are no longer available from the etsy seller but fingers crossed they make more or it has inspired you to make something similar of your own!

Game Controller Christmas Ornaments

Game Controller Christmas Ornaments

11. Add a little geekery to a Christmas tree with these video game controller tree ornaments. I’ve always believed that a Christmas tree should be personalised to the family that decorates it, so these are perfect to go with the tinsel in a gaming household. Pretty accurate replicas too! £12.73

Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

12. Everyone needs a recharge in the morning, and what better way to get a 1UP  than with a cup of coffee in this heat changing mug? £8.14

1.  Sonic Casino Nights Dress £35 2. Kingdom Hearts Paopu Fruit Necklaces £13.13 3. BioShock Infinite Vigor Advert Prints from £11.81 4.  Retro Video Game Covers from £1.31 5. PlayStation Christmas Jumper £29.99 6. Pokemon 8-Bit Willow Plates £60 7.  Skyrim Statistics iPhone case from £7.50 8. Street Fighter Ryu Pixel Bricks Figure £7.99 9. World of Warcraft Monopoly £23.27 10. Mario Piranha Plant Wine Glasses  11. Game Controller Christmas Tree Ornaments from £12.73 12. Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug £8.14

Some of the items listed in this article were one offs and as such are no longer available. I still think they are fantastic and creative gifts for gamers so decided to include them anyway. Who knows? With enough demand the creators could make more!

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