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Published on November 28th, 2014 | by Vyctoria Hart


39 Gifts For A Steampunk Christmas

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Despite the best efforts of our goggle-wearing tinkerers it’s still pretty hard to find a steam powered iPhone that won’t burn a literal hole in your pocket. Help your steampunk loved ones disguise their modern tech with these offerings-

1. Custom Nintendo Gameboy Pocket– £68.00, 2. Cherry Wood Kraken iPad Case– £24.70, 3. Sea Monster Laptop Sleeve– £24.06+, 4. Steampunk Laptop Skin– $30.00, 5. Baron Von Three PO iPhone Case– $35.00, 6. Infernal Steampunk Timepiece 2B Samsung Case– £18.60, 7. Steampunk Cat iPad Snap Case– £32.68, 8. Wooden Nintendo DS– £175.54, 9. Vacuum Tube Flash Drive– £64.37+, 10. Steampunk Raspberry Pi Laptop– £208.05, 11. Bioshock Keyboard– £90.00, 12. The Dream Machine Kindle Skin– $20.00, 13. Steampunk Motherboard Playstation Skin– $30.00


A steampunk’s costume is ever-evolving and ever-changing, here are some more unusual additions that would suit your steampunk from the workplace to the masquerade ball-