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Asylum – A Supernatural Weekend – Part 2

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Hello! Thank you for sticking with my outrageous fangirling! We pick up from the end of part one of my time at Asylum 12. For me the convention just wasn’t long enough…and Sunday was my second – and last – day at Asylum with the beautiful people.

And for those of you who were confused as to who is who in my previous article, here are those beautiful people and the characters that they play…



Early start once again! But it’s a double Q&A this time…Misha and Jared! Also, I had the added bonus of ‘reserved seating’, aww yiss!


And it started late…really late. But finally Misha arrived! Solo, but we didn’t mind. He was wearing the famed leather jacket too…yum.

And we kicked off with Shakespeare. A fan is currently doing a production of ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ and wanted to know which Shakespeare play Misha would like to do? …He pondered for a moment before the fan said she thought that the guys would be good in Shakespeare, “even Jared? Really?!” Misha asked. He went on to say that ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ is basically a play about how to keep a woman down… “full of misogyny, good choice!”

In the end he chose Hamlet, and said that yes, he’d be up for doing a play at some point.

The question was originally about the Team Free Will hug that we saw in season 9 but Misha went off on a tangent about J2 (Jared and Jensen) “fucking with me while we were filming”. Apparently J2 were messing around so much during one shot that Misha nearly walked away, “I was just there thinking, I can’t do this. I’m laughing, but I’m not having fun!”. It was these shenanigans that prompted Jensen to apologise to Misha after they wrapped, Jared didn’t…

Asked about Castiel and Sam’s relationship, Misha said that he believes they’ve gotten closer and bonded over this season, “they hugged two times!”. He continues about Castiel’s relationship with the boys, “he sees them as teachers and role-models but also as two injured birds that he has taken under his wings”. Aww, I like that summary.

When a fan told him that the show has helped her through some tough times, Misha became quite humble. He said he finds it overwhelming and fascinating to hear stories from fans about how Supernatural saved them in some way.

I can’t quite remember how the topic got onto the fake heaven that Metatron created for Cas, but it did. And Misha dropped a juicy fact, “Castiel’s original fake heaven was just pictures of naked men with Jensen’s face on them”. Now take that as you will, was it truth of just Misha knowing his audience? We didn’t know, we didn’t care, we just loved it!

Misha being the uber caring man he is decided to help a nervous fan out by going over to her and poking her while she tried to ask him a question…she burst into tears! So he left. Quite quickly.

And then Jared finally arrived!

He apologised and then complained about Misha, “I got locked out of my room and saw Misha, I was like, wait for me OK, I just need to get a shower and change. And he was all ‘yeah, yeah I’ll wait’. When I jump in the car, they’re like ‘oh yeah, Misha is on stage now’, ‘damn it he said he’d wait!’” And Misha just laughed on the stool next to him!

What about a cross-over episode of ‘Fast and Fresh’ with both their sons, West and Thomas? …A yes from both dads! Can you imagine the mess that they would create?!

Next came a biggie… If they wrote it, what would happen at the end of the entire show? …Jared was just depressing, “they die, they’ve gotta die”. Say what?! The crowd wasn’t too keen on that answer and neither was Misha! Misha’s version was much happier, “they would get rid of all the demons and ghosts and live happily, you know, finished their job”. He got some cheers for that.

A sweet little girl asked them to say ‘apple crumble’ in their funniest voices, and naturally they wanted to hear her version. And then they spotted her little sister, so they asked her to say it too… only when the elder sister tried to pick up little sister, she cracked her head on the microphone! Ouchy! The little girl was fine, but Jared collapsed on the floor cackling! I was in actual tears at it all, Jared was just so struck by it that his laughter was contagious! I had to pull out a tissue I was crying so much! Jared proceeded to show the back of the crowd what had happened using his mic and a stool and still he laughed! You can find it on you tube (Misha and Jared talking to little kids), you should find it funny, but you maybe you just had to be there.

Somehow a bizarre phone call occurred. Misha rang Castiel. For reals, he sat and had a conversation…with himself. “What are you doing? … He’s with Sam … there are some … what’s that? … oh, they’re ‘practising’. Whatever that means”, Jared is pissing himself, then tells Misha to tell Cas to tell Sam that he loves his hair, “tell Sam that Jared likes his hair … he’s grinning”. The crowd were in fits of laughter! It was the best thing!

And of course someone asked about all the pranking that goes on behind the scenes. Jared told us about a great one. “I put fish in Misha’s car”. Misha freaked, “Oh my god, how have I not told them about this?!”

So Jared went back to his trailer and found some fish left over from lunch, “that smells, it’s going in Misha’s car”. “So I take the fish and go to his trailer, ‘hey buddy, you in there it’s Jared’ and I get no answer, sweet he’s not there, so I go in and get his car keys. I put the fish under the passenger seat” Misha chimed in, “and under the drivers seat also”, “I didn’t know if you had found that yet, so I didn’t want to blow it”.

Misha continued, “I found the fish because my car stank, and I was ‘damn, kids, make such a mess! They left…big pieces of fish in here… and I usually give them like bite-sized pieces, and then I found more, ‘fucking Jared!’”.

It was a hilarious Q&A session, my cheeks ached by the time they finished.

Mark Sheppard And Mark Pellegrino Photo Op

Yeah, so I think I kinda alienated the Devil… I had remembered to wear my Crowley tee for this op and I was keen for Mark to see it, so when I stepped up for my photo and he read it, I was super happy!

“Better than yesterday?” I asked, “much better” (internal whooping at Crowley’s approval!), I squished in-between them both and just before the photo was taken he asked, “but have you done work on the collar and cuffs?”!

And that’s why I look like I’m trying to stifle a laugh. Because I am. He chuckled at me as we said goodbye and I smiled and thanked Mr P. Sorry Mr Lucifer, thank you Mr Lucifer…*while backing away slowly*


*I will not laugh … I will not laugh* Dammit Crowley!


Yes, yes, more Misha. LIKE THAT’S A BAD THING?!

To kick the panel off a nice fan asked where she believed Castiel belonged? Heaven or Earth? Does he think Cas is still a solider of Heaven? …A rumble of ‘oooos’ ran around the room in appreciation of the question.

Yes, Misha said Cas is still a soldier of Heaven but “I think he would be a better soldier of he didn’t love Dean and Sam as much as he does”. Insert ‘awwws’ here.

He believes that Cas feels at home with the boys (cheers from the crowd), but also feels at home in Heaven. He joked that he thought Cas belonged back at the ‘Gas ‘n Sip’! (Many cheers from the crowd!)

What does he really think of Jared and Jensen?! …He went all serious face and said that “Jared and Jensen are perfect beyond reproach” but added that, “Castiel hates those motherfuckers”.

A rather lengthy question popped up, asking about Castiel being a bigamist… Yup, for reals! It was pointed out to Misha that Castiel’s vessel – Jimmy Novak – was married, and then when he went all Leviathan mad, he got Angel amnesia and married the woman who found him in the woods! …Misha pondered this for a moment before saying that he’d never actually thought about it like that, “he’s a bigamist?!”

And what about the second wife? Was it ever explained to her that Emmanuel was in fact an Angel who had lost his memory? Did she know that he had returned to his life or was she waiting for Emmanuel to come home after his road trip with Dean? …Misha asked, “you’re worried about the crazy woman who married a strange man she found in the woods?!” Much laughter was laughed, and he said we probably shouldn’t worry about her.

Asked how he was feeling after his flight to the UK he told us that the energy of the fans keeps him buoyed at the conventions, afterwards he’s exhausted. Aww.

He announced that GISHWES will be on August 2nd this year and promised it would be more disruptive than previous hunts. A handful of people were arrested last year. Apparently only a handful isn’t good enough!

Fan: Hi, I’m Misha
Misha: How is that? It’s nice right?

Misha mentioned his small role on ‘Nip Tuck’ back in the day. He played a guy who could…how do I word this? Oh, I know, I’ll use the description Misha gave us. He played a guy “who could fellatiate himself”. Yeah, he played a really bendy guy… And he said that he wish he’d known how flexible he was earlier in life! Naughty boy.

Still on the topic of earlier work and being directed, he said that directors always told him, and still do tell him, to talk faster. He also told us that he has never taken that direction.

In the morning session, Misha informed us that the original, scripted, ‘fake Heaven’ for Cas was lots of naked guy pictures with Jensen’s face on them… So was that true, or was that just Misha being Misha? …Mr perfect-pants firmly stated that it was entirely true. I guess we’ll just have to believe him.

Did you say that you wanted a Freudian slip? Yes? Well, Misha obliged… “When Dean and I” …*long pause and a look of confused realisation*… “When Jensen and I…” And yes, the room was chortling along with him! I don’t recall what he went on to talk about though…sorry, I was laughing!

Now as a lot of fans will know, some fans, including me, see a deeper bond between Dean and Cas. However, I am not one of those that will force my personal opinions on others and I certainly do not see their relationship as the main focus of the show. NOT AT ALL. In fact it really aggravates me when fans do this. Some fans have even suggested that the show uses the relationship between Cas and Dean in a negative way, going as far as saying that it is “queer-baiting”. THIS ANGERS A LOT OF PEOPLE, ME INCLUDED. And, naturally, someone asked Misha about this view. Misha has a reputation for being more open to questions of this nature than any other cast member.

He does not like the idea that people have thrown that accusation at them. His mood visibly changed, serious Misha was talking, “nobody at Supernatural wants to harm the LGBT community”, he said that he sees himself as a big supporter and that he really didn’t like the accusation.

As expected his response to that topic got a huge round of applause. I don’t think one fan in that room was one of the few trolls out there slinging these horrible accusations around. There was literally so much love in that hall it pulsed. It was beautiful and Misha clearly appreciated it.

How would Castiel have reacted to being told that Meg had died? …The room ‘awwws’ at Misha’s sad face… “I think Cas would well-up a little, sad face. Pound his fists on the table”. And that was the saddest thing. Misha’s little puppy-dog eyes and imaging Cas crying over his dead demon unicorn…

And then the even sadder part came as Mr perfect-pants was told that his time was up. We loved him, he loved us, it was a beautiful event.

Gabriel Tigerman, Tyler Johnston And Adam Harrington Q&A

OMG guys. Adam’s entrance was the BEST ENTRANCE EVER. He came in from the back of the hall serenading us with his own special Asylum 12 version of ‘New York, New York’ and it was awesome! (you know you need to see it…)

And the session kicked off with Tyler talking about his work in another show where he gets naked. Yes, he started off the Q&A talking about cock-socks. I love this fandom.

Adam did a really good impersonation of Dean! The crowd loved it!

Tyler was asked if Samandriel was to come back from the dead, would he forgive Castiel for killing him? …And in true Angel fashion, Tyler said yes of course Samandriel would forgive Castiel, after all, he knew that they were all being controlled by Naomi. He said that he would like to see Samandriel come back and “team up with Castiel in an Angel killing unit, taking names and wielding many weapons!”. Sounds awesome!

Would you rather cuddle a panda sized hamster or a hundred hamster sized pandas? …Gabriel would cuddle a panda sized hamster, and Tyler would cuddle a hundred hamster sized pandas. That was important information, I felt.

Talking about their worse experience’s on the set of Supernatural, Tyler explained to us that he wasn’t keen on the torture scenes with Samandriel, “I was just there, strapped down and helpless … the crew would just carry on around me … so yeah, that was awkward.”

Best scenes? …Gabriel really loved filming the scenes in which Dean had to tell the truth. He was pissing himself laughing every time Jensen spoke! And to be fair, he was pissing himself when he told us the story!

A follow up to that one for Gabriel… How did you feel when you had to steal Baby away from Dean? With the iconic status it holds, was is daunting at all? …Well, it turns out that Gabriel hadn’t really watched the show at all before he was in it, so he didn’t know that Baby was basically an extra character. He had no idea of the reaction it would get and just went along with it. He joked that he was pretty glad he wasn’t aware of how big a deal it was, because now he knows, it would scare him to do it!

These three guys were the epitome of cute. They were funny, polite and handsome as funk. I just wanted you to know that.

Ty Olsson Q&A

Massive cheer from the crowd as Ty walked on stage, he is so loved by the fandom! Unfortunately my time at this Q&A was quite short as I got called for my autograph with Lucifer…and that’s a dude you don’t keep waiting!

Ty is known for misbehaving and getting rather tipsy at events like Asylum, and so someone asked if he would be table dancing again this year? (Wait, what?! He danced on table last year?! Oh man…) …He laughed of course, and there was no ‘no’ in his response, “you know me, somebody says ‘Ty don’t do that’ I’ma go and do it anyway”. And that is why we love him. The dude gives no shits.

A fan pointed out to him that he seems to be typecast as a certain type of character, is that just what happens or does he chose the roles? …”I like characters that are damaged. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I find them easier to play? … But I’m not sure I want to get into the psychology of all of that, so…” He smiled quite sadly to himself but got a lot of applause from the crowd. Another reason he is loved…he wears his heart on his sleeve.

He was asked if he could sit on a bench with anyone, past or present and give them a message who would it be? …And that got him. He said he would want to speak to his kids and that was it, no more on that question.

He apologised for the shortness by explaining that he gets tired when doing cons, and he misses his kids a lot. AWWWWWW.

And, sadly, that’s where I left him….

Osric Chau And AJ Buckley Q&A

These two adorable guys were lovely! And when they were informed that Sky Living had cancelled Supernatural here in the UK they were not happy! AJ said that they (Sky Living) were a bunch of dicks. We all agreed. It was a moment.

And before we could all settle in for the panel Mr Padalecki bounded onto the stage to tumultuous applause! He was there but briefly to say goodbye, he was leaving early to get back to see his wife and kids. He’d had a blast and thanked us all for coming. No, no, THANK YOU SIR, you were awesome!

After we had all calmed down, it was back on with the panel.

If there was one event that you could change what would it be? …AJ, “Supernatural not getting cancelled in the UK” and the crowd whooped and cheered!

Osric got all emotional talking about the fandom. He explains that he was once a part of the fandom and now he’s on the other side and he is loved by the fandom. He thanked us all for letting him share in the love. I love Osric as he is basically us but he’s in the show. He is a massive fan of the show and it’s plain for all to see.

Which Disney Princess would you be? …AJ said that he would probably be Ariel because he wouldn’t mind hanging out with Sebastian. And Osric said he would be Elsa “because superpowers!” (Having never seen Frozen I have no idea who she is or what powers she wields…) [Amend this at once! You HAVE to see this film! – Daring Duke]

And I don’t remember what was asked but it was definitely based on video games…a good topic! Osric told us that he used to take an N64 on to the set with him and he and Jared would play Super Smash Brothers…and Jared would always win with Pikachu!

A natural follow up was ‘what is your favourite video game?’ …Pokemon! He has a 3DS and said that he is pretty addicted to the new Pokemon game. Awesome.

Amanda Tapping Q&A

Now, I went into this Q&A not really knowing what to expect. It’s known that I do not like Amanda’s character, Naomi, one bit. In fact, I would say that I HATE Naomi. A lot. I was kinda worried that my immense hatred for the character would tarnish my view of Amanda, but I needn’t have worried, because Amanda was beautiful and cheery and sweet.

First up she was asked about the season 8 finale, in which her character was rather brutally offed by Metatron (yeay! Sorry…) …*Amanda throws a dramatic pose* “I don’t like to talk about it” and pretends to cry…and I fell a little bit in love with her.

Is there a good behind the scenes story that you can share? …Ooo! She smiled at that, “there was a moment when we, me and Jensen, were filming the scene with all the ‘dead Deans’. He was lying there on the floor and the camera has to sort of come up, pan up, and I look down at him … and he’s lying there, eyes open, grinning, laughing at me, and he said ‘the fans are gonna hate you for this!'”

And, we did. But we don’t really. We hate Naomi.

Which other TV shows would you like to appear in? …Amanda certainly knew her audience and plumped for British TV shows. She said she’d like to be in Downton Abbey for the costumes; Broadchurch because of David Tennant and Ab Fab.

Amanda: I’m a geek and I love it! (Context? What context? Who needs context?!)

Having directed before, would you consider directing an episode of Supernatural? …”I’m afraid of getting pied!” I don’t really blame her! But ultimately yes, she said that she would direct Supernatural.

Fan: Your fandom loves you!
Amanda: Thank-you!
Crowd: Applause and cheers!

Amanda admitted to feeling nervous to begin with. She said that she had sent a tweet out saying as much and that the positive response that she got and seeing us all, made her realise that she had nothing to worry about, “you’re all lovely!” Yes, we are!

“I love fandoms. I love that such a diverse group can come together and give a crap about it other”, and that about say’s it all for Amanda. A beautiful lady. Very, very funny and honest and sweet.

Closing Ceremony

Well, it wasn’t so much a ceremony, more of a quick thank-you and a big goodbye. It was sad. They left. I may have shed a tear. It was sad.


This is something I wrote in my journal, a few minutes after the closing ceremony, when I was a little blue and alone in my hotel room… And for some reason I am sharing this with you guys.

‘I’m not sure if I should calm down at all before writing. At the same time I kinda don’t want to. I am full of emotion and adrenaline and so much love for everybody this weekend that it needs to be shared.

I’m not ashamed to admit that after the final closing ceremony I went psycho-love-in on twitter…#sorrynotsorry

Then I picked up my photos, went up to my room and kinda cried a little.

I have waited a whole year for this weekend. And it’s all over. It’s done. Gone. Finished. And I am heartbroken. But happy. Yet heartbroken. And happy. It’s very confusing.

People say that you should never meet your idols because they will never meet your crazy high expectations. Well, screw that. Fuck that advice. Fuck it all.

Because this weekend I met an idol. And do you know what? He is the most wonderful human being in the existence of this race.

Yes, it was Misha Collins, come on you knew that.

He is more beautiful than in any picture or film. His smile literally lights up a room. He has the patience of a saint and the wit and humour of a devil. In essence he is perfect. To me at least. I may have faltered in his presence but I am sooooo over whelmed that I got to actually see him and meet him that my fangirling doesn’t even bother me. I (half) hugged Mr Perfect-Pants. And that has made my year. Possibly even my life.

Also, the rest of the cast were super-mega-awesome and gorgeous too! ;-)’

And that, boys and girls, was my weekend. All that I can remember of it anyway. I know that there were questions asked that I didn’t manage to recall. I know that there were jokes laughed at but now forgotten.

But what I have found in the corners of my memories, I have shared here. Everything. All the flails, all the emotions and all my happy sadness. Thank you for reading. I am sorry for the excessive rant. But I do fudging love Supernatural!

Peace out bitches!

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