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Published on December 4th, 2014 | by Kia


Brick 2014 Round Up

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On Saturday, Need To Consume popped along to an entire con dedicated to the almighty little plastic brick known as Lego. It was certainly strange being at The ExCel and not seeing a plethora of cosplayers. In their place was a good mix of people: old, young, male and female. Brick 2014 stretched across four days which would lead me to believe they saw some very impressive attendance figures. The Saturday was completely sold out but I will add, it was not a miserable experience where you couldn’t move around freely. All of the displays were really well spaced out. You would have to wait to get up close but moving around the arena floor was very easy.

The main focus of the show was lots of displays made by very talented Master Builders. This ranged from sculptures of the entire Thunderbirds fleet to a Victorian London set complete with Jack the Ripper and his latest victim (see if you can spot it in the gallery). This was very much a passive experience and most people walked slowly between the large fenced off areas taking pictures with their cameraphones. It was definitely more fun when you could find pop culture Easter eggs hidden among the displays.

Unsurprisingly, the entire event is very kid-friendly. In fact, I would say if you didn’t have kids, you might feel a little detached from the event. Brick really delivered on ensuring that children had plenty to do. There was a silent disco (to be fair, we saw some fantastic dancing parents too), an inflatable go-kart track, a science experiment area and much more. This is fantastic for younger Lego fans and something I would like to see included more at comic-cons.

There was plenty of stalls with loose minifigs to sell, and a very cute Christmas village which had an array of food and drink offerings. Again, certain comic-cons could really take note from this. It provided the attendees with more choices than what is just in the concourse and from the odd food stand who pay to be exhibitors.

The people from Guinness World Records were also on standby as adults and children alike helped contribute towards a world record attempt featuring Minecraft Lego. The premise was to build the single largest display based on a video game. I believe they were successful with their endeavour!

Our absolute favourite display was Sad City. It was beautifully designed and really made you believe you were seeing things in black and white. The contrast of the little minifig having a whale of a time in his apartment with bright and colourful Lego bricks is beautiful against the rest of the piece. Full disclosure, I had to make our photograph of that display our main image. It was just too beautiful not to.

Telltale Games were present along with Game to sell the various Lego titles. I did almost pick up Lego Batman 3 but seeing as I still need to get every character in Lego Marvel Superheroes, I resisted. The creative team from Telltale did panels across the various days on a really impressive stage. There were huge Lego blocks and it looked very colourful. I don’t think other cons who use The ExCel could adopt this mainly due to them wanting more space, which is a shame. The team behind Brick 2014 really outdid themselves with the stage decoration.

Overall, we had a fun and very relaxed time at Brick 2014. We might not be the perfect demographic for the event, despite being huge Lego fans. Im not sure what the organisers could do to make it more appealing to adults without children, but I will say a lot of families were enjoying the interactive areas together with their kids. Brick 2015 will be announced soon so keep an eye out on their Twitter feed or at their website.

Please enjoy our large gallery of images. To be honest, we could have included another 50 or so.

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