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Published on April 22nd, 2014 | by Mog


Last Week On Pinterest…

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Each week my eye is caught by a million things on Pinterest. It could be a game meme, or a still from behind the scenes on Avengers: Age of Ultron. It might even be a piece of FanArt.Whatever it is, it’s probably awesome.

Here, I shall pick out my top ten pins of the week gone by, which is so much harder than it sounds btw, I just hope that they appeal to you as they did me!

Pinterest Top Ten

No.10 – Mass Effect FanArt
This uber gorgeous piece of Mass Effect fan art is by muju on deviantART. Not only is it FemShep, who is by far the superior Shepard, but it’s stunning in it’s simplicity. The colours are vibrant and pop out on any page, yet it’s a really simple depiction of her. I just love it.

No.9 – ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Cast Photo
What’s not to love about this?! Not only does it have the grandaddy’s of geekdom, Sir Pat Stew and Gandalf themselves, but it’s got Fassbender and McAvoy! Two Magnetos and two Xaviers, that’s just a little awesome right? And with the new X-Men movie due out soon, this is an excellent promo for it!

No.8 – An RPG meme
EASY TARGET! Have you ever played Skyrim? Do I need to say more?! I’ve always wondered how my gear travelled with me…now I know. Although that stack should be cheese wheels and sweet rolls…

No.7 – Wonder Woman
I have a little bit of a big soft spot for Wonder Woman. She is by far my favourite DC hero. I mean look at her! She’s stunning. Now it’s unclear whether this is art taken from the New 52 comics or it’s an amazing piece of FanArt, either way, it’s beautiful.

 No.6 – Blade Cosplay
I’ve never seen a Blade cosplay before and this is just perfection! Not only is he built like Blade but the facial expression is just so…Blade. Excellent. A++ for effort dude!

 No.5 – K9 Slippers
I need these slippers in my life. Like now. I’m a sucker for a good pair of slippers and these K9 feet warmers rock my slipper world. I would wear them everywhere and constantly do bad impressions of K9 and Sarah Jane. And it would be awesome.

No.4 – Assemble!
This pin has been around a while now, obviously, as the Avengers is a couple of years old now. But it popped up on the dashboard and I just love it. Why would I not? It’s Agent Coulson describing the most EPIC text message of all time…from Captain America! I didn’t realise that Cap could work modern technology…

No.3 – Gamer Girl Meme
Believe it or not I’ve never encountered any negativity from guys over being a girl gamer, but I know people that have. And I know that there are stereotypes out there and blinkered idiots who push these stereotypes. Unfortunately some of these idiots are girls. Stupid little girls And the chica on the right is very me. Scarily so actually…

No.2 – Believe In The Cena Shield
Now this is awesome. As a Cena fan (I know, I know, you hate him right?!) and a Shield fan, I love this so much! If you’re trying to pinpoint when and where this happened let me enlighten you. It was Smackdown 28/3/14 (UK) and it was taken after the Dark Match. Dark Match basically means untelevised, so the majority of fans didn’t get to see it. But I thought it needed to be shared. Because of all the awesome.

No.1 – When you see it… Star Wars print
My pin of the week is this bad boy. Tell me you didn’t make the ‘pew pew’ noise and giggle a little… you can’t can you?! Simple. Funny. Accurate. What more could you want?


And there they are, my top ten pins for the week. Did you like them? I hope you liked them…*shuffles nervously*

For more entertaining and awesome pins, head over to our Pinterest page! I will continue to search the web and pin many awesome things from the world of movies, games, comics and more. All for you, our dear consumers!

Till next time, peace out dudes!

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