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Published on March 30th, 2015 | by Duke Of Havoc


Let’s Build…The Lego Tumbler From The Dark Knight

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Most of the time, when you see a company announce some amazing new toy, model or gadget, you get giddy over it then move on because of those boring things: bills, food, heating etc. But once in a blue moon, something comes along which just sticks with you. Calls to you. It’s inevitable, you are just going to purchase it. Why bother denying it and just give in? This happened to us when the devious fiends over at Lego announced an ultra detailed Lego Tumbler from The Dark Knight trilogy starring Christian Bale.

We “ummed and erred” over buying it. Duke even had a conversation with a vendor at LFCC 2014 who was selling one for £300 as “Lego had all sold out”. Luckily, he did give in and following an amazing day out at Brick 2014, we bought our baby home. On our walking through the labyrinth of consumerism known as Westfields, we took a small detour into the gorgeous Lego store there. Duke had been into a few Lego stores and The Tumbler was always out of stock. Not only was it in stock, they were doing 5% off all purchases over £100. Oh yeah, this lovely bit of kit is £159.99 and only available from Lego directly.