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Published on March 11th, 2015 | by Duke Of Havoc


Secret Cinema Strikes Back With Er, The Empire Strikes Back!

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You may recall during the balmy summer of 2014 A LOT of very angry people online who had paid out a significant amount of money to enjoy a fully interactive experience, set within the world of Back To The Future. Secret Cinema effectively built a scaled down version of Hill Valley in Stratford, complete with the infamous clock tower. Once the hiccups were sorted, it seems that they really got their shit together and put on one hell of an experience. They had a ton of actors “on set” pretending it was “good ol’ nineteen fifty-five”, complete with the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance, the High School (“you’re a slacker, Mcfly!”) and much more. They managed to incorporate a 4D experience similar to what you see at the big theme parks in the US with the likes of Terminator 4D – a blend of cinematic and live action. You can see their official video below which shows some of the awesome stuff they managed to do.

Today, Secret Cinema announced on June 4th they will be giving Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, their very special treatment. I can only imagine the amount of awesome scenes they will get to bring to life: The Battle Of Hoth, Luke’s training with Yoda, Bespin, the carbonite freezing of Han Solo and arguably the most famous scene in pop culture history: “I am your Father”. OK, so since the prequels came out, it loses it shine but hopefully anyone in their twenties or thirties showing Star Wars to their kids goes all OT (original trilogy) on them first.

I can imagine that the UK garrison of the 501st will be heavily involved in this as well as many other cosplayers. If you have been contacted to take part and can give us any information, get in touch! We promise to keep your identity secret!

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