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The Troop #1 Review

December 9th, 2015 | by Guest Writer

With the release of The Troop, Noel Clarke adds another string to his every expanding bow. Writer, director, actor and

4th Doctor Comic Announced

November 11th, 2015 | by Guest Writer

Titan Comics continue to expand their Doctor Who line with the announcement of a 4th Doctor mini-series. Add this to

Doctor Who: Eighth Doctor Review

November 5th, 2015 | by Guest Writer

With Doctor Who currently airing on TV. (and proving better than last year) Titan Comics are taking the oppatunity to

Rivers Of London #3 Review

October 7th, 2015 | by Guest Writer

Body Work Chapter 3: Patient Zero Peter and his boss go to collect the most haunted car in the world

Four Doctors #2 Review

August 20th, 2015 | by Guest Writer

So it’s week 2 of the Four Doctors and the Doctor argues with himself, runs away from himself and tries

Four Doctors #1 Review

August 12th, 2015 | by Guest Writer

A few months ago Titan Comics announced a crossover story comic to feature all three of their current Doctor Who

Rivers Of London #1 Review

July 15th, 2015 | by Guest Writer

Body Work Chapter 1 (That title will become clear before the end of the issue) Police procedural and haunted cars: if

21st Century Tank Girl #2 Review

July 9th, 2015 | by Guest Writer

Another month and another kick in the face by the greatest post-apocalyptic bad ass in comic books. Last month started with

Surface Tension #1 Review

May 28th, 2015 | by Guest Writer

  Imagine a world where the majority of the human race walked into the sea and never came back and

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