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Broadchurch Season 2 – Blu-Ray Review

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As the dust has settled again on the sleepy/rife with intrigue town of Broadchurch, eyes turn to the home release of The Adventure Of Hardy & Miller.

But before we dive in to the particulars of this release, let us look back on the series as a whole. I have covered this before, in my review of the series, but it deserves repeating.


Season 2 was a very divisive season, with the stark change in structure turning many viewers off. Gone was the single investigation, driving everything forward. now we are thrown into the murky aftermath of Season 1, diving into the world of lawyers and court procedure. But there was still time for some real police work, with an increasingly driven Hardy and a mildly broken Miller heading back to Sandbrook, hopefully to finally solve the case that broke Hardy and sent him to Broadchurch in the first place.

Whilst the series did divide fans of the first, I was very much on the cheerleader side. It was refreshing to see the story-after-the-story, to see how all the events and incidents of the first season had knock on effects, from the return of Pauline Quirke, to the understandable but damaging conversation between Miller and Joe after his confession. To me, this was far more interesting that just another case, ala Midsomer Murders.


But what of the disc? The home release comes with a whole disc of extras, but unfortunately, they are aimed squarely at the casual fan. We get interviews with all the main cast and crew, two Making Of docs and some deleted scenes. The Making Ofs are mainly assembled from cut bits of the interview of on the disc, so you end up feeling like you have seen all the moments at least twice.

All in all, the extras feel likes a collection of the pre-existing promo materials, rather than anything actually extra. There are no commentaries, no real behind the scenes documentaries, not even a gag reel, which with a cast this funny should have been as shoe-in.

A great series, worth owning, just not for the extras.

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