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Community Season 6 Episode 3 “Basic Crisis Room Decorum” Review

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Have you ever wondered, can a dog get a degree at Greendale Community College? Can the Dean be trusted to text Jeff? Who’s pants is Britta wearing? And what on earth is Chang up to this time?* These are the important questions in this weeks Community, when Annie discovers that a rival college intends to release an attack advert featuring Ruffles, a dog who has apparently graduated from Greendale with a bachelor degree.

After the Britta heavy storyline of last week the focus now turns to Annie and her desperate need to defend Greendale and her own sense of self worth in the face of the accusation that even a dog can graduate, which would make her own grades worthless. Whilst Jeff goes into full lawyer mode- insisting that the truth is not relevant and building his case on discrediting the dog; Abed turns his AV Club skills to making an attack commercial of their own, claiming that Ruffles is “Not a Lobster, Not a Student, Not a Good Dog.” Meanwhile, in a mildly horrifying twist, Chang decides to discredit City College itself by recording a porno film on their campus. Alone. Despite all this Annie is still determined to discover whether there is any truth to the allegations. When Frankie discovers that Ruffles did indeed attend Greendale for many years, taking a huge number of attendance based classes, she never graduated due to unpaid library fines. Rather than being relieved that they can have the advertisement pulled on the basis that it is libellous, Annie is devastated that there is only a technicality preventing an animal from receiving the same level of degree that she has been working so hard to achieve. She tries to convince the rest of the committee to allow the advertisement to run as it will show everyone the reality of Greendale, when she fails, she chooses to leave and enroll in City College where her grades will have meaning. Can Abed win her back by using his video skills for good rather than evil? Is it possible to make having a dog as an almost-graduate seem like a good thing? Will everything go back to normal, except for the mental scars caused by Chang’s one-man erotic film? Of course!


This was a good ensemble piece, giving both new characters a chance to bed in with the group as a whole. Since Elroy is the newest to the group he is still finding his place but Keith David perfectly captures the confused-older-person vibe as he follows Britta on a mini rollercoaster of drunken emotion- from the depths of pooping her own trousers to the heights of a lovely Kate Bush-esque music video sequence (sadly without the vocal talent)- it’s certainly not the characters finest moment but there’s some wonderful background physical comedy from Gillian Jacobs. Paget Brewster remains the queen of deadpan as Frankie further establishes herself as the pessimistic voice of reason, explaining to Annie that “hope is faith’s richer, bitchier sister” and that she has become much more productive since giving it up (as well as any games on her phone that involve farming). For me the stand out part of the episode was the text message conversations between Dean Pelton and a pair of Japanese schoolboys that he believes to be Jeff Winger, resulting in some very uncomfortable flirting over unrequited olives. There was a lot of texting through out the episode, showcasing all the actors range of facial expressions but once again Jim Rash’s tragically camp (or campily tragic) Dean stole the scene with a mere wiggle of his eyebrows.

*tl;dr – in order the answers are- sort of, not in the slightest, those are Elroy’s pants and you don’t want to know.

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