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Constantine – Quid Pro Quo review

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All magic has its cost, and no one in the DCU knows that better than Felix Faust. Created by the legendary Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky as a villain for the Justice League in the 1960s, modelled on Marlowe’s Dr Faustus, Felix Faust has gambled away his soul more times than you know, and it takes a toll. He’s often a somewhat pathetic villain, easily overwhelmed and in over his head. That seems to be his lot pre-series in Constantine, but in Quid Pro Quo, the Rising Darkness has allowed Faust a position of power, one that he’s all too happy to take advantage of. Mark Margolis, best known as Breaking Bad’s wheelchair-bound Tio Hector, brings Faust to life with aplomb. His vindictive arrogance perfectly suits what the character would be like in a position of power. I really hope we see more of him.


As befits Faust, he’s really a front for something bigger and more interesting, namely a backstory for Chas, and his seeming immortality. It’s revealed that, a couple of years earlier, drunkenly leaving a bar, Constantine cast a protection spell on Chas. The bar burnt down later that night, and Chas was one of 48 people who were killed. And then he woke up. The spell Constantine cast was devised by Merlin, and cast on the Knights of the Round Table so that, if they were killed in the presence of lesser knights, they would take on the lives of the other dead. So Chas awoke with 47 lives, carrying around the souls of those 47 victims. He takes this as a huge responsibility to carry around with him, and it has had a catastrophic effect on his personal life and his relationship with his family. Charles Halford has often seemed a little sidelined this series, but he excels here, bringing home Chas’ horrifying situation and his deep-seated heroism brilliantly.

Quid Pro Quo is a very exciting episode, with a lot of great character work, and a brilliant villain in Faust. Constantine continues to be strong, and I hope it keeps going beyond these final three episodes. See you next week.

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