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Constantine – The Saint of Last Resort review

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My apologies for the tardiness of this review. Time, life, things of that ilk. And what an episode to be late on. The Saint of Last Resort sees Constantine into its Christmas break, with the final five episodes to hit in January, and it’s a damn fine cliffhanger. We open in a Mexican convent, where a demon with freaky-long fingers kills a new mother and steals her infant son. One of the nuns, Sister Anne Marie, is an old flame of John’s, and was there in Newcastle. She reaches out to Constantine, who comes a running, Chas in tow. Zed is left behind again, but she is at least in the episode this time. Instead it’s Harold Perrineau’s Manny who sits out the action this week. If Constantine is to secure a second series, and there’s nothing about the ratings to say it won’t, I really hope they start putting all four main cast members together in the same episodes for once.

Constantine - Season Pilot

Out at a book-shop, Zed bumps into Eddie, the guy she stood up for a date last week. They go for drinks, their hands touch, and Zed discovers that he has ulterior motives for meeting her. Eddie, it transpires, is part of a cult led by her father, and has been sent to return her to him. Zed doesn’t take kindly to this, and spends the rest of the episode being pursued in team Constantine’s base of operations by Eddie and two associates. Angelica Celaya is a very likable presence, but Zed needs some depth adding soon, she’s very thinly drawn. Hopefully this cult background will do the trick.

John and Sister Anne Marie, meanwhile, investigate the demonic goings-on, whilst discussing their past and giving us a bit of an insight into Constantine. Anne Marie introduced John to the world of the occult when he was just 15 years old. She’s been in the convent since Newcastle, ostensibly over her guilt over what happened to Astrid; though it later turns out she’s there because of what introducing John Constantine to the occult turned that lost 15 year old boy into.


As John, Chas and Anne Marie investigate the missing children, they stumble upon the attempted return of an ancient cult of Chilean warlocks called the Brujera. In their day they were so powerful as to be practically invincible, and when God struck them from the Earth, even Hell wouldn’t offer them sanctum. These seem to be the cause of the Rising Dark that has been plaguing John this entire series, and their end goal is to destroy the barriers separating Hell and Earth. The stolen infants are required as they are descended from a Brujera bloodline. As conspiracies go, that’s a pretty good one.

The Saint of Last Resort is a pretty good cliffhanger to end this first part of the series on. John and Zed are each helpless, at the mercy of someone or something horrible. Overall it’s one of the series’ strongest episodes so far, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing it back on my screen in January. And then, who knows? Hopefully it’ll go on way beyond that. That does it for this year’s Constantine reviews, and I will see you in the New Year.

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