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Constantine – The Saint of Last Resorts Part 2

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One of the major criticisms I would make against the first half of the first series of Constantine is the lack of a sense of humour. So imagine my glee when, not ten minutes into The Saint of Last Resorts Part 2, a possessed John wakes up covered in blood. Then the camera pans out to show a gun to his head. Then a little further to show it’s being held by a severed arm. Then a little further to show five dead guys, and an army of police moving in on him.

The twin cliffhangers from last time are wrapped up in double-quick time, as Zed breaks out of the van and injects the guy from the cult of her dad with the sedative he was going to inject her with, and John recovers from his gunshot wound by casting the demon Pazuzu into himself. The rest of the episode is concerned with John’s struggle to rid himself of the demon before it destroys his soul. It’s riddled with dark humour, as John spends the bulk of the episode in a Mexican prison, as the power of the demon very quickly makes him the king of the yard. The rest of the episode becomes a race against time, as Chas and Zed must enlist Sister Anne-Marie to help save John’s soul.


The chief strength of Constantine is the performance of Matt Ryan in the central role, and he’s superb here. In the inevitable exorcism sequence, he’s downright terrifying when playing Pazuzu and making proclamations of death and destruction to come. Claire van der Boom has been a real asset these past two episodes as Anne-Marie, and Zed and Chas are great together. Hopefully we’re going to see the whole gang in action at the same time for the remainder. Harold Perrineau is a little sidelined this week, though he does get one very good scene with John just after he’s taken the demon into himself.

Overall, The Saint of Last Resorts Part 2 is a good, solid return for Constantine. The audience didn’t quite come back with it, which is a worry, as I really don’t want this to be cancelled. Next week we get to see Breaking Bad’s Mark Margolis (Tio Hector) as Felix Faust. Can’t wait.

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